Lie to Me

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  1. Anyone going to watch this show? It's about a guy who's basically a human lie detector. It premieres tonight at 9 after American Idol on FOX.

    I'm going to give it a chance. The executive producers of 24 and Arrested Development are involved in this show, so it seems promising.
  2. I'm going to watch. I've seen the previews that last couple of weeks and the show looks pretty good.
  3. Just finished watching it- I really liked it!
  4. Sounds interesting, I'll watch if I can. I'd like to meet this guy, because I totally think I could fool him.
  5. I like the side characters. All the people who work at the office basically. They're more fun to watch than the main guy.

    The concept is interesting, not so sure of the execution, but there is lots of potential in the show.
  6. I really like this show and will continue to watch. It definitely has potential, but I agree that the supporting characters are more interesting to watch at this point than Dr. Lightman.

    On a side note, I like the fact that they let the actor who plays Dr. Lightman keep his real accent instead of faking an American accent. Seems like that's a rarity on tv these days.
  7. ^ i absolutely agree.

    it's tim roth! they'd be crazy if they asked him to drop his accent!

    btw, i think they need to do more with his character. i know it's just the pilot, but still.... i think it was a bit too heavy on the topical episodic procedural stuff and way too light on the serialized character "heart" of the show...

    and i'd love to see him really OWN some big, fat liar... instead of going into another room and be like "yep, he's lying" and moving on.

    more of the double parking the car thing, less of the head nodding thing. LOL
  8. I think it was good but I wonder how long it will last....
  9. I liked it too! But I agree that I don't know how far they can really take this concept.
  10. I liked it..but I many episodes can they possibly do with the whole "he's lying" thing.

    and wasn't that girl from The Practice?
  11. I also see a lot of potential in this show, and I loved it.
  12. loved it and love tim roth!!
  13. Anyone catch tonight's episode? I enjoyed it even more than the pilot. This show will definitely be added to my weekly tv lineup, provided that it stays entertaining and doesn't become overly predictable.

    Would like to see more character development soon though, especially that of Dr. Lightman. He seems intriguing. Tim Roth does a good job! Loved the falafel scene! :roflmfao:
  14. Yes!!! No wonder she looked so familiar.
  15. ^oh yeah, DEF agree. second episode in a row and they're so BARELY letting ANYTHING on about him. i can only shake my head. with such an amazing and capable actor, he's basically looking people up and down and that's all? nooooo...we want MORE OF HIM!

    i don't think they really need two cases an episode, imo.