Lie Cheat and Steal For LV in Australia

  1. OMFG i was planning on going there tomorrow!!!!! that my store!!!!! i cant believe it!!!!!!! im in shock right now
  2. This also happened at my store here too. My partner asked where I was that night .....I said it couldn't have been me as the white le fab was still left in the store:nuts:
  3. This happened last year.
  4. is the store still running as normal or is it closed for repairs? really i didnt hear abotu last years break in, gucci was broken into earlier this year seems alot of aussies break into our boutiques!!!!!:crybaby:
  5. oh my god!! what people will do for money...

    on that note.. iwonder how much they will sell them for?

  6. omg......can't believe it happened.....terrible!!!!!!
  7. They broke into a few high end designer stores and I think they were caught .. the police also were checking ebay to see if the products ended up on there. My SA was on TV .. here the store did close for repairs when it happened last year. I think they were stealing to order??
  8. Oh my goodness.....wish it'll happen inThailand too....LOL
  9. Sorry guys..that was me! my bf said NO when i ask him to get me the the Cerises Umbrella... it was a rainy day! I had to do something.:shrugs:
  10. :roflmfao:
  11. They can probably resell the bags easier than the jewelry.
  12. :wtf: i didn't know about LV store being broken into but i think 2 months ago, the chanel boutique in melbourne has been broken into. the thieves stole handbags worth more than AUD 40,000.
  13. Wow... that's crazy..I heard chanel store got robbed sometime ago in Australia.
  14. omg... thats so crazy. imagine if you were to be in the store too..