Lido Love

  1. So I snagged a Lido Lead wallet for a great price recently.:smile: Yeah! Been out of town and busy lately, so I wasn't here to receive it when it was delivered. Got home last night. I ripped open the package and thought hmmm... nice, but I don't know...:confused1: I'm pretty attached to my old Fendi wallet. I've had it forever and wasn't too excited about changing wallets. (Well, I thought, maybe I'll sell it...)

    leadlido1.jpg leadlido3.jpg
  2. ...but wait a minute. I'll sleep on it then have another look. Maybe try it out just for comparison:graucho:

  3. But by the time I had finished transferring my things into my new Lido Lead...:nuts: I knew there was no turning back!:biggrin:

    leadlido4.jpg leadlido5.jpg
  4. I'm so lovin this lead leather!!! So soft it almost whispers! :tender:

    leadlido5.jpg leadlido6.jpg
  5. Buh-Bye old Fendi!:yahoo::biggrin:

  6. Beautiful Temo. I'd so choose the Lead Lido too!!:love::ps:
  7. Hello! my new Soft Lead Friend! :yahoo::smile:

  8. Please excuse my poor photography. I only have my blackberry to use right now. :shame:
  9. Love it! I have two lido wallets, the bouton d'or and camille, and only want more! (especially the tango red harlequin)
    The lead looks very nice, they are such great wallets... I love the big outside pocket too. It's great for random bits of paper floating around in the purse or hair clips or what have you.

  10. :yes: I see what you mean!
  11. The Lido is my favorite wallet ever!!! I have a goldrush Lido and am dying for a BP and Lead!!! You will love it, Temo!!!
  12. It's beautiful Temo!!
    LOL @ buh-bye Fendi!! :lol:
  13. OMG... I love it. So much! Thank you for sharing the photos with us~
  14. Love it!!! Congrats!
  15. Temo - what a lovely find! I have a bouton d'or lido and the jackson clutch. Jackson is not as nice in the leather dept or lining dept but has the same front pocket. I carry my phone in there.