Lido Clutch Wallet, Bouton d'Or pics

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  1. I had searched for pics of the Bouton d'Or Lido clutch wallet previously, but couldn't find any. Here are photos I took of mine. Maybe it'll help others who are contemplating whether or not to buy the last 2 that are left. Here they are....


    lovely fuschia lining


  2. Wow, frenchie - thanks! I had no idea there were so many CC slots ... can you tell me if a book of checks and check register would fit in the outer pocket (or even inside)?

    I love the black leather on this wallet - looks very smooshy-lovely.
  3. Thanks India:smile:! I just grabbed my (Canadian) checkbook and it measures 6.5" wide, just over 2.5" in hgt., but I'm not too sure how that compares to the US checks. If I remember correctly, yours might be shorter in width and longer in height(so it may be better for this wallet). Anyway, my checkbook is pretty thick (hardly use it:P), so it fits but I had to cram it in there. I would take pics w/ the checkbook but I need to re-charge the battery. HTH...
  4. Thanks again, m'dear. I've noticed that the new Lido doesn't have leather on the back - hmmm.... sorely tempted to grab this one up ...
  5. I noticed that too about the new one for Spring. I really wanted the Lead Lido but I'm glad that I bought this one....go for it:yes::tup:.

  6. Very pretty. Getting my pilot tomorrow, if that doesn't work maybe this will.
  7. Is it heavy?
    I have the clutch wallet (I think its cobalt...has the silk lining) and I find it kind of heavy. Currently using a kenneth cole one that is lighter weight....since I carry so much in my bag I have to cut back on weight where I can lol
  8. Beautiful pics, thanks for posting! The black leather on the Bouton d'Or is delicious. After getting the mini bag I knew I must have more of it! :smile:
  9. thanks annam, i'm very happy with it. now, i think the pilot might be able to hold more besides cards and $$. however, the front pocket does fit my cell phone and i think treesgreen mentioned that a pda/blackberry (i would say a slimmer version) might fit in it too.

  10. sukey, i wouldn't say it's heavy, but it is bulky:yes:. bulkier than the regular clutch wallet.

  11. thanks paelef:smile:!!!
  12. India: I've got this one in Lead, and do carry my checkbook (no register--duplicates) just tucked inside. It doesn't fit easily into the long slots (under the CC slots) but works. My only complaint about this one is that the small zippered pocket is sort of useless (too tight for coins). The turnlock pouch, though, is fantastic (will even hold a slim phone). I love the security of a zip-around like this one and it's so glamorous.