"License to Wed"?

  1. While it's clearly not the best movie this year, I have to say, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would....up until the climatic part of the movie (which I won't spoil) because it just seemed too cheesy and forced. I love all the "Office" cameos in the movie (in addition to John Krasinski).

    Did anyone else here watch the movie?
  2. I saw it and quite frankly wasn't impressed. It was ok but the problem for me was that just when a scene was funny and showing potential they cut away to another scene after one laugh. I really wish they wouldn't have jumped scenes so much and actually let the movie progress a little more naturally at times. In my opinion the bad editing really took away from the actors' potential.
  3. The commercials looked really hilarious and I'm planning on going to see it. But was it really not that funny?
  4. Liz it was funny but I thought it could have been so much funnier if they would have played on certain scenes longer instead of cutting away to a new scene after one chuckle.
  5. loved it though i am a hugh john krasinski fan so i might be baised
  6. i saw the trailer for this last week when i saw Harry Potter 4 and i thought it looked good! my so didnt though, so it looks like i'll have to wait til it's released on dvd!
  7. I instinctively avoid movies with Robin Williams in them.