license plate

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  1. last week, i ordered this personalized license plate for my wife’s new car, but i'm having second thoughts. is this a little over the top? i guess i can always say it describes the red mirror caps and red brake calipers. i have 8 more weeks to think about it before the plate arrives. i don’t want her to appear snooty, because she’s not. thoughts?


  2. What does she think? Or is it a surprise?
  3. it's not a surprise. she actually doesn't care too much about the plate. she said, "it's up to you." i just find "red sole" very fitting :smile:.
  4. I LOVE playing on that site, seeing what my customized plates would look like. :P

    I think it's a cute name--RED SOLE. Hope it's not taken... :tup:
  5. I think it's cute!
  6. I think its a great plate for a CL fan!
  7. I think it's cute and thoughtful!!

  8. adorable!!!!
  9. With her car, it's very cute. That car can't really come off as snooty.

    If she had a BMW or something, I would say no.

  10. That's a great looking car. I'd like to say it's English but it isn't any more :sad:. The red wing mirror covers and calipers are nice touches.

    It's just a suggestion but you could change the plate to RED SOUL, which whould then have a secondary meaning.

    It's sort of funny, you have bought what 'WAS' an English car, in Silver, and I bought an American car, in Siver (C5 Corvette) :police:.

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  11. It is cute and alot of people won't know what it means so I think it is subtle enough.
  12. I like it. It's one of those plates that will keep people guessing.
  13. I think is very cute. And for a lady's car it's even better. I would keep it!!:flowers:
  14. I am not sure about it. I think that it needs to me more subtle - like "seeing red" or something else. I like personalized plates that make you think to figure it out.

    I probably wouldn't do it because when people ask what her plate means and then she will explain that it is referring to her $800 shoes. Also, if she doesn't care very much, then it won't be so special to her.
  15. thanks everyone for your input. i feel better about it already.

    NICE CAR, Brian! that is funny that i bought from the UK and you bought from the US. my wife got the idea for the red mirror caps and calipers from the Mini Cooper GP limited edition. we have to be careful and not stray too far off topic. there are other forums for what we are discussing :lol:. ah yes, in the end, we are still men.