Liberty uk?

  1. I was stuck in Heathrow for 5 hours last week and they had a store mixed in next to Chanel and Burberry called Liberty. I was really impressed with the purses; pretty embossed designs on durable leather, cute charms, cute scarves. I spoke with the sales clerk a bit and she insists that Liberty is really popular in the UK, but I've never heard of them.

    I was just wondering what PFers think about Liberty? I'm going to be in London in a few weeks, so maybe I'll stop by their "flagship store". I keep thinking about that amazing purse but I can't find the thing online.
  2. have not heard of them but last time I was in Heathrow I spent so much friggin money in that super mall they built inside the airport! I bought 4 Pringles clear bowling bags that I love and can't seem to find anywhere here in the states so I'm glad I snagged them!
  3. Haha I hear you. The pain I went through in resisting buying an Hermes bag was unbelievable. Tax free Hermes :heart:.

  4. tax free Hermes is still outta my league!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Hello from a London girl! I can assure you Liberty are one of the great London stores and what's more they offer you an experience like no other shop will. First there's the great, quirky building which is a bit like the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - the dressing rooms are amazing and you keep going through doors to discover exciting new rooms! Then there's the range - they have a terrific and deserved reputation for finding contemporary designers selling great quality products and have a selection unmatched anywhere in my opinion. Finally, there's the staff who I have always found to be amazing.

    I am willing to bet the airport version was nowhere near as good as the real deal in Regents Street and probably mostly sold purple 'Liberty' print branded products which are okay, but actually not at all representative of what the store itself has to offer.

    I think you'd miss out enormously if you didn't make time for Liberty . . .let me know if you want any more local information either about Liberty or London in general - be happy to help.
  6. Exactly what i was about to say, haha!!!

  7. :yes:

    Liberty was one of my favourite lunchtime haunts, when I worked in London and their bags are amazing! :heart: :heart: :heart:

    Liberty Homepage
  8. I went there about one year ago but was disappointed, I prefer Harvey Nicholson!!!
  9. Love Liberty - beautiful store - love the whole experience - I found really rare brands there which are not that common, so great for something unique

    Agreed, Harvey Nics is also nice but a different story
  10. ^ ITA. :yes:
  11. My first time at Liberty of London was in July when my friend took me there. I didn't know at first it was a store, more like the Shakespeare Theatre! Anyway, they had tons of bags from 40-50% off and I walked away with a Mulberry wallet.

    I love the place!
  12. I am from London and Liberty is my favourite department store in the entire world! It is housed in a fantastic mock-Tudor building and is historically famous for its arts and crafts furniture collection.

    The Liberty own brand bags are to die for - in fact, I picked one up today in the sales. I also highly recommend looking out for their scarves - all in lovely art deco and art noveau prints , which they are famous for.
  13. H. Nichols is fab but much less eclectic, in my opinion. I think Liberty is really great at carrying some core brands e.g. Mulberry, my beloved Anya Hindmarch, Chloe, Paul Smith etc but adding some rarer and newer designs into the mix e.g. Ally Cappellino, their own tres chic and interesting bunch of bags, Ghost etc. I am also completely in love with the building - give me secret timbered rooms over clinical department store space any day!