Liberty double belt in black chamonix

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  1. with palladium finish.

    Does anyone have one of these? Or have seen them in their stores?
    (Page 34 and 54 of the spring summer issue of Le Monde...)

    Thanks in advance!
  2. If this is the 'double-wrap' belt with medor studs, I think that S'mom has or had one and that it looks phenomenal on her as most things do....

    Every since I saw hers I put it on my mental "to-buy-one-day" list....but just got 2 belts and had to pace myself. I have not seen it at my store, but it is on my radar thanks to S'mom!
  3. I have one!!! But mine is chocolate Box with Palladium hardware. Fantastic belt.......those little pyramides move fun!!!! I bought mine in NYC and they only had one at the might give them a call!
  4. Just called Kalakaua and they have an 80 and a 85 in stock but its black and gold, I think I'll wear the palladium more than gold.

    Glad you responded quickly! BTW, is there a pic of you in it?
    Thanks again S'Mom.

  5. ooh i would love to see this too, i have only heard about it. pics please!!!