LIBERTY bag, London

  1. anybody have bags from Liberty?
    i just saw the ad in my friend's POP magazine...
    i fell in love.
    can you please tell me if the bag's available on internet?
    and can you please post pics of your bag?

    thanks :P
  2. anyone? :P
  3. I have a liberty tote I got as a souvenir from London. It's great. I generally use it as my fall work tote (treated canvas, so it's water proof) but right now it's my backup diaper bag. Liberty prints are so classic and scream "LONDON" to me.
  4. Yes I have seen these bags in person in Liberty and they look great - I haven't got one though. They utilise the classic Liberty arts and crafts print using fabrics such as embossed leather and velvet in the real high end versions down to simple printed cotton shoppers. I don't know about the internet - they do have a website - just Google "Liberty, London" but I seem to remember they may not sell on the site ( may be wrong?) I think they are really uniquely British too - I should be going into Liberty in the next week or so and will try and find out for you!!
  5. oh, the bags i saw are not printed fabric or anything...
    it's a big leather frame bag.
    i'll take pics of the magazine when i go to my friend's house :P
  6. I love cant buy online though

    Yes i know which bags you mean....I guess I could go in and look for you
  7. I saw a gorgeous Liberty bag in a magazine advert, too. I'm not sure if it's the one you mean; I think it was leather embossed with the Liberty print.

    But I can't find it online, either. :shrugs:
  8. thank you all girls... that might be the bag i saw.
    :heart: :love: :love:
  9. Hi there, I am London based and love Liberty. It is one of those shops that serves the resident, visitor and everyone else in between. Also they are great on mail order over the phone, so even though you can't do the email/online ordering thing, you would probably find if you called them, they would help you willingly which is nice, if expensive . . . :party: !
  10. here's the pic of the bag :P
  11. anyone know the price of this bag? :P
  12. I'm in love :love: :love: :love: ..I want this bag :drool:
  13. the swan, we're drooling on the same time now :drool:
    it's gorgeous isn't it?
  14. the swan... let's drool together :drool:
  15. I want it!!!!!!:drool: :drool: :drool: ...If you know were to buy it let me know :shame: