Libertine at Target

  1. Is anyone else obsessed with this? I had my phone set to remind me that today was the day that it was released! I obsessively was online and ordered some shirts for work and the skull sweater vest. I've never purchased any clothing from target, and hope that I'm not disappointed.

  2. What is it? We have no Target here, so I have no clue what you are talking about LOL
  3. it all looks really cool. what did you buy. i love target, wish we had it in the UK.
  4. Is it available online yet? I couldn't find it when I tried last week.
  5. It is available now..
  6. Just saw it online, looks very nice!

    I love & miss Target!
  7. No target in Alaska? They treat you guys like the bald headed step child! ;) It's the GO designer at Target now. They started having high end designers doing lines at Target. They are available online and in stores, since yesterday. You should check it out!

    I bought the argly sweater vest, the striped silk bow shirt, the eyelet white shirt and the ebony shirt. All work shirts, hopefully they're cute!
  8. Ooh I hope they have them in the store, I think I'm going today.
  9. what is that?

    edit: i looked it up online, lots of cute stuff :smile:
  10. never heard of it.....will have 2 check it out....
  11. Hmmm...there were Libertine items on the shelves at the Grand Chute Target when I was there Saturday. Maybe they put the stuff out a day early? It's cute stuff. I was quite taken with an argyle vest that had skulls on it. It was sort of geek chic with a rocker edge. The only thing that kept me from buying it was I worried I am too old for such things. They also had the Devi Kroell bags. They have a python-look box clutch that is quite lovely! It comes in gold and athracite.
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  12. I ordered a ton of Libertine stuff....couldn't help myself. I'll post reviews when I get it.

    How is the Devi K. clutch? I'm sort of torn, I have some high end clutchs so I don't know if I'd be okay with it or not, then again it looks super cute.
  13. I went to the Super Target yesterday, and they dont have the small size left! So annoying.
  14. I went yesterday to go have a look and I LOVE the eyelet pieces.
  15. I saw the commercial on TV this morning. I'm interested in getting my hand on some tops. Does anyone know about the quality?