Libaire-out of business

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  1. I was bummed to get an email from Libaire saying they are getting out of the leather business. I only have a few pieces from them but the leather is so thick but soft, and I've never had any issues with them. Brass hardware, Made in USA. Just great quality. I have a bag and a backpack, and some pouches.
    So, if you're interested, they have some things on sale.
  2. Crap! Thanks for posting! I liked Libaire!!!
  3. What?! I used to live in Berkeley and went to their showroom/factory at least once a year to browse.
  4. I ordered a few pouches and a pencil case.
  5. Just saw this on their website. I'll miss their store. "We are totally sold out. That's it. Will we miss the bags? Maybe. What we will miss is you. The personal connection is what we remember best......."
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