Liar Seller from ebay.

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  1. #1 Sep 26, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2010
    Well here is the story. I bought an CHANEL bag on Fab this year for a good deal. When I was about to pay for the bag. The seller sent me a message said this:

    Dear iceellen,

    Hello, there will be no need to send your payment. I just arrived home after being out of town for the weekend and my car was broken into on the street w/ the purse in there. The purse was stolen along w/ some other valuables.
    Im really upset at this point.
    Im sorry I cant sell it to you now.

    - sheltielover06

    I didn't really believe her because it is not something that will happen likely. But since I had no proof at that time I could't do anything

    But today when I browse the ebay website of new CHANEL items, I found the exact same bag (that was claim "stolen")for sell from the exact same seller.
    I am really mad right now, but since the purchase is over 6 months there is nothing I can do. But just want all tPFers to know that she is big liar.

    I have screen capture photos to prove my story.

    Don't expect her to sell you anything that ends at a low price.
  2. I'm so sorry to hear that IceEllen. I just recently had a very bad experience with a seller who sold me a Chanel bag as well. Mine actually fell apart when I took it to a Chanel boutique to be authenticated. I still have the seller's security tag on it, and I have yet to use it even once!

    I just tried the link you posted above, and it says the "listing has been removed." I think maybe you're seller figured it out that she got caught in her lie!
  3. terrible people out there...did you tell her? Did she remove it to to sell to you by any chance?
  4. I'm sorry you didn't get the bag you wanted, but perhaps it's for the best anyway. The seller doesn't seem to be the person one would like to do business with.
  5. Hello:biggrin: Thanks for sharing your own experiment and I hope you got your issue resolve! The seller remove(or ebay did) and she relist it. I've updated the new link.

    Hi. Thanks for sharing your experiment with me
    Hi.:biggrin: She removed it and just relist it, no sure why but I updated the new link now.:tdown:

    Hi.:biggrin: Thanks for your reply. And no, I will not do business with her ever again since she has no credit to me.
  6. It may not be likely to happen, but it's still possible. There really is no way to tell. I always follow the EBay rule that if it's too good to be true, then it probably is in one way or another.
    Sorry you had a bad experience. Hopefully, there's a better bag out there for you anyways:smile:
  7. I would think it's a blessing in disguise :smile:
    I'm glad that nothing is lost.
  8. ^ I totally agree. Buy from recommended sellers in the future! ;)
  9. I know your frustration. Promise to sell but in the end, retract and made up some lies.

    I had the same experience months ago. Here's the story:-

    1. Seller posted on ebay and I contacted her and she asked pay via bank wire instead of paypal.

    2. Then, I told her I won't pay via bank wire and I will meet her up instead since I'd be travelling to where she stayed. We agreed to meet and pay in cash while i get to check the physical item.

    3. Days before we met, she said the bag was on hold again for another customer.

    4. Weeks later, she asked me again if I wanted to buy the bag. By that time, I've left the city which she stays....

    5. I was still interested, and she insisted that I pay via bank wire again because she said HER PAYPAL ACCOUNT HAD PROBLEMS COS TRANSACTION WAS TOO HUGE and SHE COULDNT USE IT ANYMORE. I dont know if this can be true??

    6. I told her NO. ONLY PAYPAL. I couldnt be bothered anymore....

    7. Then, weeks later, she emailed me again and told me that she'd be coming to visit somewhere near my city. But the city is still a distance from where I stay so I told her my friend could meet her personally to collect the bag.


    And I was like, I was right in the city where she lived which we could have meet face to face to save all the hassles but she made excuses not to sell to me at that point. Now, she asked me to pay for postage + deposit if she were to bring the bag over....Most importantly, she kept asking for bankwire instead of paypal...I couldnt understand really.....

    Nonetheless, I'm just glad that I never lost anything...just wasted much time talking to her...
  10. Hello:biggrin:. ^^^I thought about the same thing before, NOT until I saw the bag relist. (unless they caught the "thief" who stole her bag and she got it back and relist it... 7 months later with a reserve price; I simply do not believe this would EVER happen.)

    Hi:biggrin: I am glad that I didn't lose anything,too!

    Hi:biggrin: I will definitely buy from a reputable seller next time. I don't want to spend my time with dishonest people again.

    Hi.:biggrin: It is very nice of you to share your experiment. The seller in that case should not be trusted either... Glad you didn't sent her anything. (Smart choice!)
  11. No worries iceellen... I havent got time to write about such seller in the past months. now i've written this experience in thsi thread, i am going to cut and paste and give more details in another thread that talks about dishonest ebay seller.
  12. You could report her new listing to eBay on the basis that she lied in her old listing to avoid seller fees because it did not attract a high enough price.
  13. Hi:biggrin: Glad that you don't have to deal with bad sellers. I will wait for your post!

    Hello:biggrin: Thanks for telling me but can I do this if my purchase is over 6 months old? I am afraid that ebay does not have a record about my purchase anymore.

    Also, I got an message back from the seller after I sent an message to her... I will put her msg in next post.
  14. Maybe you should send a message to the seller asking if they remember you - the one who they wouldn't sell the bag to because the bag was stolen when the car was broken into. :biggrin:
  15. #15 Sep 26, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2010
    UPDATE: I sent an msg to let her know that I look though her lie and she replys:

    Dear ice_hurricane,

    How dare you insinuate I am a liar. My car was broken into and valuables were stolen out of it--- my items were recovered about a month or so back. I no longer had a history from ebay of the past sale.

    - sheltielover06

    capture screen

    obviously she is trying to use another lie to cover the previous one.
    Note the sentence I use bold and underline: Did she mean that b/c ebay no longer have old sales records so I can not do anything to her? Right maybe I can't start a dispute though ebay anymore but I can let all the other people know what kind of seller she is!