Lia Sophia

  1. Went to a Jewelry party today and purchased 4 pieces.

    1. Anklet
    2. Earrings only. They're my favorite. It sparkles like crazy!
    3. Necklace only. Didn't get to see it IRL. Ordered it off the catalog. I hope I like it.
    4. Cubic Zirconia solitaire necklace. Hope it has a nice sparkle to it. Didn't get to see it IRL either.

    I hope I get to enjoy my new pieces once they arrive. Anyone else familiar with Lia Sophia? They're having a great deal for the month of November. By two items (the least expensive) get 4 items at 50% OFF (most expensive).

    I wanted to get a pave ring but I think it was $695 :wtf:. So I passed. Maybe if I host a show I'll get it. :P
    group31c.jpg group38a.jpg group40b.jpg group44d.jpg
  2. The last necklace reminds me of the Elara necklace that's $3,075.00. I'm pretty sure most of you've seen it in mag ads before. Well I went to Fink's and tried it on. It's a real beauty but it's tiny.
    Elara2.jpg Elara.jpg
  3. I have a friend who sells Lia Sophia, she loves selling it. I have quite a few pieces of their jewelry in goldtone and they are gorgeous! It looks like 14k gold and I have been wearing the one bracelet for many months now every day and it has held up perfectly, and looks like a $600 bracelet! Love it! :heart:
  4. The jewelry is FABULOSO!! Guaranteed for life, for the quality and price point, you can't go wrong. Every month, is always buy two items and get the third (most expensive) at 50% off.