Lia Sophia Jewelry

  1. Anyone heard of this and what do you think of it?
  2. I was really disappointed with the quality. A friend of mine had a party in March. Jewelry arrived late April. One of the items I bought was a $600+ pave ring -- one of the stones was missing. So I had to send it back and that one didn't arrive until late May.

    To compare, another friend had a Silpada party the week following the Lia Sophia party. My order arrived the following week. I was very happy with all the pieces I purchased.
  3. A coworker of mine sells the line. I've been thinking about whether or not to order something myself. I've seen a few pieces worn on her and some of my other coworkers. For costume jewelry I think some of the pieces are really pretty but also expensive in my opinion. You can get silver for the same or less.
  4. a jeweler I'm completely and 100% biased against companies like that because all their stuff is mass produced. :smile: Again - totally biased opinion. lol I have had friends from work buy from different companies like this and they have never been totally satisfied.
  5. Speaking completely as a jewelry newbie - someone who never really looked at jewelry until a couple of years ago - I agree with CastoCreations. LOVE the work of indie designers. Have you ladies ever visited Etsy - simply brilliant work can be found there, IMHO.

    One example:

    $68 plus shipping
  6. I've been meaning to post a Lia Sophia thread myself, since I'd like to find out more about the designs and quality. I'm glad someone else was curious too.

    LVShoeFan2 - I'm with you that Silpada's quality is really good. My best friend's mom is a Silpada rep, and some of her inventory is really nice. I just love the "sparkly, blingy" look that LS designs have... too bad the quality isn't comparable... :sad:

    CastoCreations - I'm also in agreement with you that the mass produced jewelry can't compare to the quality of handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces. I, too, like to create my own jewelry. (Just as a hobby, nothing I'm sure that compares to any of your designs! :nuts:)

    When I look at the LS stuff out there, I can't help but think that for half the cost, I could go to a bead shop, buy some Swarovski crystals and silk thread, and create something just as pretty and much more unique...
  7. I just got a necklace and a Mystic Fire slide. I love them both. I'll try and remember to get pics tonight after work. I did think some of the pieces were overpriced for mass produced costume jewelry.
  8. this thread has some time already but i was doin a research, so i wanted to post, i think that most stuff is very nice and theres for every ocassion, though here the hot weather with this type of jewerly doesnt go that good and sometimes they get ruined fast, so i think as overall is cute, but sometimes too pricey for what you get and whats gonna last, but then again literally all fine jewerly is xposed to fail in the attempt of lasting long. i still buy it though despite of this somethings are too cute to leave out!
  9. I just wanna add an update since my original post ... that $600 ring I mentioned? Yeah, it turns my finger green. :tdown: Is there a return policy for that?
  10. LVShoeFan2, are you serious? You should call the main office and ask for a refund. That's terrible!
  11. I have had Lia Sophia jewelry. It looks nice at first, but the silvery finish of one necklace wore off and a ring got slightly bent (fixable) though when I sat on it lol! I wouldn't recommend it.
  12. ugh, sorry to resurrect this thread, but I'm invited to a party this week and wanted to research what the thoughts/experiences were on this stuff. Now I don't want to go, but I feel so obligated to go and buy something! Insert tears here:smile:
  13. Hi ladies, I saw this Lia Sophia thread and just had to post.....I LOVE my Lia jewelry, I have alot of them too as my mom used to be a rep and have parties. They are so fun and colorful!!! They even have somethings for the little girls in ur life!!
  14. My cousin is an agent for Lia Sophia...she set up shop at one of our family parties and did pretty good business. Personally, I think it's overpriced for what it is. I bought a bracelet and I wasn't happy with my purchase as the paint started to chip after one wearing. I asked to exchange it, but the return/exchange policy is actually quite complicated...I've also read some horror stories about customers trying to return their faulty jewelry.
  15. I've been invited to the parties, but have only purchased non-metallic finish jewelry (wood or wood-look pieces for summer). I haven't had any problems with them except them being overpriced for what they were. I can get comparable pieces for less in department stores (with better return policies).