LG Phones.. NOT so durable!!

  1. I’m sooo upset with this.. Around 2 months ago, I bought an LG Chocolate phone in pink. 2 weeks ago, it got broken! The LCD was broken! I dropped it accidentally, that’s why it got broken… I got it fixed and then I just found out lately that the slide is not that intact anymore!! Soo disappointing!! I wanted a new phone because of this!!!

    Owner of LG phones.. Do you also notice that with your mobile phones???
  2. OMG i was planning to get one, i truly love the design and the touch screen thingy.. its so disappointing!!
  3. So...you dropped it. Got the LCD repaired, and now it doesn't slide? Did you get the slide part replaced too? If not, I can see why it might not work now.
  4. My aunt has this phone. Is it really not that durable?

    I can't stand the phone since my fat fingers hit every other button than the one I want...But, eh.
  5. I thought the LG Chocolate phone was the coolest phone in like forever. I got one while I was in Europe last year when nobody had one in the US yet. There are several reasons I hate it. One, no speaker phone. Two, bad microphone. People are always asking "what did you say?". Getting on the net is a PITA. It takes a long time to load. Half the time if someone is sending me a picture, it says the file won't work on the phone. Now I have a Blackberry Pearl and love it.
  6. The chocoloate phone was all the rage in Korea nearly 2 years ago? I wanted to get one.... but then found out Verizon was getting it in the US, and for some reason, it turned me off that so many people will have the same phone. so, i never did... lol. Besides that, I realized it was more of a stylish phone over function (at the time, you could get a better phone within the same price range)

    I have had other LG phones in the past, and had no problems with breakage. So maybe it's just the chocolate? And I'm clumsy and drop my phones all the time!
  7. I got mine a few months ago. I have the Chocolate Cherry. I love it! No problems at all!! Great reception, call sound, features, and still works like brand new!
  8. I have an LG, but it's a flip phone and it is incredibly durable. I've dropped it numerous times and it's still as good as ever. I don't know about the Chocolate, but this is my second LG phone and I really like the ones I've used.
  9. There're a lot of physics involved when things are being dropped lol. Different angle of touchdown makes a big difference. I had a brand new flip phone and I dropped it on the ground. The phone broken into two halves. I didn't even bother trying to fix it because I knew something must be horribly broken inside.
  10. LG is one of the best phone companies around. Ive owned atleast 3 of them. The screen of the chocolate is sensitive (If you notice when you press the touch activated buttons the screen blemishes). Also LG doesnt expect you to drop your that bad. How far was the drop?
  11. I had LG phones in the past and I have no problem with all of them. Currently, I have a Dark Chocolate Phone and I love it!! I use a Coach cell phone case to protetc my phone since I know Chocolate is a pretty sensitive phone. I did drop it once but it was still in the case so it didn't break at all.

    Maybe you just need to be careful next time?
  12. LG is actually the best & durable cell phone I've owned & I've had at least 10.
  13. i had an LG clam type phone that i snapped in half... the screen and the keypad were in two pieces. however, the keypad still worked! i could turn it on and dial numbers and people could hear what i was saying. i just couldn't hear them because it was not attached to the top part anymore. so i would say they hold up to abuse pretty well.
  14. I have an LG EnV. I drop it every single day. It's a bit scratched up but it works great and still feels sturdy!
  15. I bought the chocolate phone when it first came out last year.....and it's still working fine....