LG Dare commercial dress?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Can you please help me ID this dress? It's the lime green/yellow dress worn by the girl standing on the high building edge reaching to "dare" touch the screen of the phone. I'm sorry I don't have a still clip of the commercial to add here. I'm hoping someone has seen the commercial and recognizes the dress. The woman has long blonde hair and the dress is really flow-y (if that's a word).

    Everytime I see the commercial I keep wanting to ask!! :smile:

    I greatly appreciate your help and expertise!!!!
  2. Here's a still from the commercial..I couldn't find it on the Aidan Mattox website.

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  3. Oooh I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one who loves this dress!

    I looked at the fall collection on the Aidan site and didn't see it, but I did see a lot of other dresses I love! :drool:

    No one knows about this particular green dress though?
  4. Thanks to everybody for trying to find this -- hopefully, we'll figure it out! Each time I see the commercial, I like the dress more and more. I couldn't find the particular dress on the website either. Thanks for adding the still picture, too!!!!!
  5. bump.... (please) :flowers:

    Any more ideas?

    I called Verizon on the off-chance that I could talk to someone who was in their marketing division.... she did not have any info and could only provide me with the address (no phone or email??) of the CS department.

    Much appreciation for any guesses or input!!!
  6. haha, you called Verizon? Now that is impressive! I like your moxie!
  7. ....bump.... not ready to give up yet.... :thinking:.... should I offer an award for whoever figures it out? :upsidedown: :smile:

    (oops, should that have been "whomever"? sorry I'm bad about that!)