LFA vs UGGs.. which do you prefer?

  1. So I have beenneeding a new pair of uggs.. however I was always wishing they would come out with a grey pair for the classic talls.. but since it doesn't seem like they will this year, I started looking at Love from Australia's boots. So what do you guys think?

  2. oh I love the color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also wish uggs would add that to their selection but these LOVE ones you found are great.
  3. i love the color too! looks very comfty
  4. Great color - love them!!! I might have to track down a pair for myself.
  5. love the colour but the ties at the front are too "WHABAM!"
  6. ;MUCH better than UGGS.
  7. Love the color..not so much the ties though! But great color!
  8. I have the LFA ones in a tan colour.. really comfy! I prefer my uggs at the moment though, but def get a pair of them!

  9. Ooh. Could yout ell me waht the difference is between LFA boots and Uggs?? I mean the LFAs are a lot more expensive than the Uggs and I am curious as to why that is...

    THANKS! :smile:
  10. UGGs, but I LOVE that color. The laces are a bit much though... :s I'd rather buy the Uptown from UGG.
  11. I think LFAs are actually made in Australia but UGGs are made in China from Australian sheepskin.
  12. I choose Uggs hands down but the color is amazing.