LF Store 60% off everything!

  1. If you have an LF Store near you, go to it ASAP the deals are AMAZING, or shop online (limited merchandise) the entire store is 60% off.
  2. What's LF?:confused1:
  3. they have really cute shoes in-store, but their mark-up on regular retail is pretty big. i went to a sale last summer and came up with some really good deals (i.e. $15 dolce vitas).
  4. i have a store near me- thanks!
  5. They have really unique pieces, most of their stuff is imported from Italy. I just bought a $600 leather coat for about $200. If your in the NYC area there are two stores, one on fifth ave and one in soho. I live in CT and go to their store in greenwich.
  6. LF is having their sale again!! I bought a bunch shoes that were orignally over $200. Everything in the whole store is 60% off. They have a bunch of great stuff. The soho store has the largest selection!
  7. too bad sale isn't online