LF: Nikki in Noir - with shipping by USPS to Canada!

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  1. Hello All!

    This is my first post in the purse forum and wow am I impressed so far that there are so many dedicated purse lovers on here!

    I am a bag junkie and have fallen in LOVE with the RM Nikki in Noir (Black) - regular leather not patent. The problem is there is only ONE store in the city I live in (Toronto, Canada) that sells RM and they are sold out. A number of websits are out of stock in this specific style (revolveclothing.com, RM.com).

    All of the websites that I have found a RM Nikki (Shopbop.com and there was one other) ship to Canada by UPS/Fedex. This means huge custom and broker fees (upwards of $100-200 depending on price of the product) which I cannot afford and moreover don't really want to pay. I've checked ebay religiously but cannot find any in black.

    Ideally, the site would need to ship by USPS because they are the friendliest to Canadian shoppers.

    Any suggestions on sites which may have it and be ship friendly to Canada?

    And yes, I'm stuck on the black b/c I've been looking for the Black IT Bag for a while and this is IT for me! ;)

    Cheers and Thanks in Advance,

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    hmm... tough spot.
    I'm canadian, but I live in the US now... I TOTALLY understand what you're going through!


    I understand that this would take some level of trust on your part, and you don't know me, but I'm putting it out there anyways!

    I feel for you girl!! ;)

    good luck
  3. Thehipchick.com delivers usps but I think they are out of the noir nikki right now. I think your best bet is going to ebay, even with a store shipping your bag through USPS you still could get dinged for duty and tax. Nothing like the canadapost guy showing up at your house with your package and a bill (I've been there). Unless you can find someone in the states who will ship it to you.

    Btw - I've been calling Holt Renfrew every once in a while to find out if they carry Rebecca's bags, hopefully soon they'll take the hint :smile:

    Also was it Augustina you were looking at?
  4. You can try revolveclothing.com; they always ship USPS, and the customs/duty charges I get are hit or miss! The upside: it's free shipping to Canada!

    Also, if you are ordering other things (i.e. NOT RM), you can call CS, and they'll give you 30% off your first order!
  5. Lunaboston, Blondette, Petulia's Folly post via USPS and if they don't have what you're looking for on the website, it's possible to email them and ask whether or not they can order one in for you - lunaboston are usually great with orders like that, I hope you can get your IT bag soon!! GL!
  6. Although it is a kind gesture ladies, please do not offer to buy/sell/trade bags for other members. it is against TPF rules. thanks!
  7. Thanks for all the responses Ladies!

    I checked out some of the suggested sites and no nikkis in black but did find a Bryna Nicole Minna Slouch on sale which could fit the IT bag bill!


  8. I dont know if you saw this yet but ecrater has a noir nikki up and at a GREAT price ($295)....you might be able to ask the seller to ship to canada
  9. ilovepursescan, I totally feel your pain! I live in Mississauga, and its impossible to find any RM bags, for a reasonable price! I'd love to take advantage of all those US sales out there, but after shipping, exchange, duties and customs...it's not really worth it! i'm still pondering the Rendezvous Clutch on shopbop, but it would be double the price by the time I get it!

    Please let me know if you find a solution!
  10. Shopdressonline.com has RMs on sale, can do special orders (I believe) and have flat rate $10 shipping to Canada and free shipping on orders over $200. :tup: They offered a 30% off exclusive promotion for TPFers a while ago, so they are TPF-friendly (doesn't hurt to name drop how you found them, lol).

    Clutch Seattle can also help you with special orders, they ship to Canada at USPS cost (I believe), and there's always a 20% off coupon for them floating around.
  11. i'm not sure if anyone has mentioned threesirens.com (i don't think so) but they have lots of preorders available. i didn't see a black nikki but you could maybe see about a special order. they will ship USPS without any mark up on the cost of shipping.

    i feel your pain ilovepursescan, i'm in toronto as well and have caught the RM bug bad! i purchased both my noir nikki and glazed espresso elisha on ebay because the exchange rates on retail bags were *killing* me!

    good luck in your search!:tup: