LF: Modern Chain Medium Flap in Black

  1. Preferrably if anyone has seen it in Canada?

    I called the boutique and they have no idea what i'm talking about!:hysteric:
    One SA gave me a price of $2525CDN, that is a HUGE difference from the $1525USD some of you ladies are saying. :shrugs:

    Perhaps if anyone has a style number for this model and color it would help as well.
    Greatly Appreciated! :love:
  2. I don't have an exact style #, but all they need to know that it is from the "Modern Chain" collection and it is the small flap for $2525CDN. They have to know what it is. Is there one in Vancouver?? They must have one...

  3. Yes I managed to track down a white color in Van, but white = no good for canadian prairie winters! :s I have my heart set on the black, but if the retail really is $2525CDN, I'm much better off calling a boutique in the US and getting it shipped.

    Any Canadians with or who know the CDN retail price of this bag wanna clear this up? Thanks!!
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