Lexus Maintenance Costs...

Nov 28, 2006
Since this newbie just got her first thread shut down, :crybaby: I'm going to try a different approach...

If you are an owner of a Lexus, could you please tell me approximately how much you've plunked down for its maintenance over the years? The more specific, the better.

I own a 2000 528i, and the cumulative maintenance cost is outrageous. I could have purchased a brand new vehicle with that money! Now that it's in its 7th year, there have been many small electronical glitches that I've had to get fixed.

Here's a list of some of the services that I've had over just the past year:
Break light sockets replaced
Windshield wiper motor replaced
Driver side window motor replaced
And about 2 years ago, I had a problem with the AC system

All electronic problems. All engine components are fine. I'm just tired of paying for all this fancy computerized BMW parts.

Some people just rave about BMWs, and they get some of the highest marks from auto critics and surveys. However, those critics always rave about the drive and the handle of the new vehicle they're testing out. No one ever talks about what it's like to maintain one for a few years. That is why I'm turning it over to you guys.

I'm seriously thinking about switching over to a Lexus GS or LS. Any insight about what the cost of maintaining one will be greatly appreciated!:heart: :heart: :heart:
I don't have a Lexus, but I do know that they are owned/made by Toyota, which has a great reputation for building long lasting, quality cars.

Personally, I am getting a new car next year but am waiting until the 2008 Cadillac CTS comes out in the summer with its new body style:smile:

The new Lexus sedans just look too much like the new Toyota Camry for me to justify spending the extra $$$.
My father and brother drive a Lexus and although the quality is great, you still have to get it tuned up every so often. I believe the cost of getting it tuned up at the dealership is in the thousand range.
Are you looking to buy new?

If so, you're in the clear w/ maintenance.
We've owned 2 and they're were COMPLETELY problem-free. Aside from scheduled maintenance, we never took them in.
Are you looking to buy new?

If so, you're in the clear w/ maintenance.
We've owned 2 and they're were COMPLETELY problem-free. Aside from scheduled maintenance, we never took them in.
my aunt and uncle drive Lexus SUVs, one of my cousins also drives one (can't remember which model)... they LOVE their Lexus, and won't drive anything else. they've had the same experience... no probs whatsoever.
I buy only Japanese cars now. I have had 2 Toyota camaris and two Nissan (Pathfinder and Maxima). I could have owned more, if I did not need to wait until they die before buying a new one (generally takes between 150K-200K miles).

Before the Japanese card, I had GM and Crysler. They seemed to have a self-destructive timer. When the mileage reached barely 100K, they declared completely un-revivable. I got ride of some before they even reached 70K, because the repair was more than the cost of buying a new car.

I have not advanced to a Lexus yet. My car shop told me it is the only high-end car that rarely has repair needs. Yes, the parts are a little more than the cameri, but is much less than BMW, Mercedes, and the like.

BTW, I find getting preventive maintenance and repair done at Camari dealership more expensive than at my local car shop. Therefore, I bring my Camari or Maxima to the car dealership for repair only if it is absolutely necessary, such as resetting some timer taht must be done with the dealership equipment. For tune-up, oil change or other regular maintenance (eg. replacing battery every 50K), I take my cars to my local shop.
My parents and inlaws both purchased Lexuses (RX330 and ES something, respectively) and so far so good. It's been less than a year though so all maintenance was covered. However, I can relate to your gripe about BMWs. I bought a 3 series, also in 2000 and what a headache with all of the little things that have fallen apart. I'm thinking about a Lexus too so I am looking forward to see if anyone else has longer term experience with the Lexus. Oh, my inlaws had 2 Toyota Camris that lasted forever and ran well, which is why they went for a Lexus.
Longer term than how long?
We owned 2 different models, one for 3 yeras the other for 4 yeras.
No problems and superior customer servcie.
I have a RX 330 just got it last Christmas. No problems of course. One of my previous cars was a BMW, never again! When it turned 5. it literally almost had to have everything replaced< It was unbelievable!
DH has the big LS & loves it! NO problems ever! He's had Lexus for about the last 13 years & that all he'll buy. He use to drive Mercedes, never again.
I had a LS 400 and I didn't maintain it at all. Honestly, I didn't even get the oil changed until every 10,000 miles. Maybe I got lucky, but I never had a problem with the car. I had it with me at school and was pretty rough on it (lots of miles, skipping routine matainence, etc.) and it's still running just fine! I'm not one of those people that thinks every tiny squeak needs to be fixed or checked up on, though.
I think a Lexus is just a Toyota with a fancier name. ANyhow just buy a toyota without the insignias and then buy the lexus insignia.s

* I do not promote the use of fakes. However it's the same car imho
I think a Lexus is just a Toyota with a fancier name. ANyhow just buy a toyota without the insignias and then buy the lexus insignia.s

* I do not promote the use of fakes. However it's the same car imho

for the love of humanity and god and the love of cars, DO NOT DO what is suggested above! PLEASE!! would you might as well buy fendi or celine and tag on a LV monogram?? no, because the brands are different, even though LV owns both! would you buy a vw and slap on a porsche logo? hah omg!

a lexus IS a toyota, however, a lexus IS NOT. the lexus brand these days have gone way far past than a guilded toyota. the new ES350 is no longer a glorified Camry.. the IS250/350 outruns any of toyota's compact sedans (corolla? lol), LS & GS are waaaaay better than the avalon! BY FAR! lexus has worked hard, and toyota corp has worked the lexus brand very hard to make it it's own brand and quality in it's own right, and they deserve it. there's no doubt that the quality and reputation of a lexus/toyota/scion are all very good to excellent, but you can't and please don't! buy a lower-tiered "version" and slap on a different emblem! Like a scion tc.. please........ don't put a lexus IS badge on it! toyota matrix --- lexus is300 sportcross.. NO! don't do it. please i implore.. to never do this..

to the OP: BMW/Benz/Etc are raved for such reviews.. and it's basically common knowledge at this point in the car world, that german engineering is made for people that have loads of cash to toss around, OR for people that want a nice car every so often (aka: Lease that thing and get a new one when it's time!). For reliability, reptuation, maintainence and the long run basically, go Japanese! I've had some friends that have had lexus/acura/honda/toyota in their families for longer than my friends have been alive on Earth! Meaning, they have some honda accords or toyota camries from the 1970's with well over 2-300,000 miles and still running strong! minor routine maintanence, but oil changes never go over $20, and check ups almost never require anything costing in the thousands (the only thing that would is a new transmission, but those always cost a lot, since it's basically the heart of the engine. lol). my car is a 99 accord, with over 130k miles, still going strong, but imo, i think i should be driving a new car, cuz i deserve it. LOL. if i dont get a new car, i'm not devestated or anything cuz it still is completely fine.

good luck on your search!
If you're looking to go for a lower maintenace cost, then a luxury car is not for you. The luxury brands charge more, because they can. If you need lower costs, then you need to look at Honda's or Toyota's.
I've owned my Lexus SUV for 5 years now and mostly have had no problems with it. The routine maintenance is a little pricey but they always take care of me at the dealership (loaner car for the day, wash my car, great cookies and drinks in the waiting area, etc). I think how they treat you AFTER you buy your car is just as important as when you buy your car, and in this regard Lexus takes care of you.