Lexus 350 IS Convertible

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  1. So I've been in the market for a convertible for awhile. I test drove the new BMW Z4 hardtop, the 335i convertible, jeep wranglers, and others. I'm not a fan of Mercedes so they're out, and I don't want a Mustang, Corvette, or anything in that category. (I prefer/own the vintage cars!)

    I test drove a 2010 Lexus 350 IS C today and was very impressed. I hadn't gone to Lexus right away because I thought they only had the two seater convertible. (Lexus SC)

    Anyways, I researched them on the web and decided on a 2010 because I can get them a bit cheaper now that the 2011's are being rolled out. There are really no changes between the two model years, just tiny interior cosmetic. Same engine, 306HP goodness.

    So my question is, does anyone own any of these cars? Can attest to their greatness/horribleness? Any insight would be appreciated!
  2. We haven't had this one, but had an SC and LOVED it!
  3. I remember when those first came out I thought they were beautiful but I couldn't afford one. I'd get one now, but I like the option of having seats for 4 people. :smile:
  4. not familiar with Lexus but my friend drove a couple of models and i found it very crampy for such a big car.
  5. Huh. I'm 5 feet tall and my DH is 6'1" and we both found it comfortable. Thanks for the input though!
  6. we found it very crampy... we're both short. go figure!
  7. I'm 5'2" ish & DH is 6'1" and our SC was very roomy.
  8. I had test drove the 2009 IS 350 when I was car shopping last year. Gorgeous car, but it was not fast enough for me. Of course, the new 2011 has a lot more Horsepower. I decided against a convertible so I cannot speak about that aspect. It came down to BMW, Infiniti and Lexus. I went with Infiniti because it combined the speed and Japanese styling of the BMW and Lexus respectively. If the IS was pushing 306Hp back then, my decision would have been a lot tougher. I am already figuring that the IS will be back in the mix the next time I car shop.
  9. Yep, I test drove the IS 250 and was totally unimpressed.

    Both the '10 and '11 IS 350's have 306HP now (same engine), so I'm going to find a dealer that still has 10's in stock. Be easier to bargain when they want to get rid the '10s!

    I'd get a 335i convertible, but my DH has a chipped '09 coupe. I don't want the same car.