1. this bag soo f-ing hott in black i would kill 4 but unfortunally since the MC keepall is 1st on my list i have to wait but omg this bag:yahoo:

    [​IMG]white is nice to but in black i think is hotter
  2. I love that bag.
  3. yes, I agree, black! :smile:
  4. Black is hot! my friend has it in black, it's over $5k now. I want it custom made in Germanium!
  5. you're absolutely right...that bag is hot! I really like it in white though! =)
  6. I'm curious...what would you use this for?
  7. I don't even want that bag and it's the one I had a dream about the other night!! :nuts:
    It was in the gorgeous blue color..I still can't believe I am dreaming LV now!! :roflmfao:
  8. I love it! Its one of my favourites :biggrin:
  9. It's such an awesome bag and it's such a timeless piece.
  10. *cough* Copy Cat!!! *end cough* :rant:

    he he he.
  11. i like it in white
  12. its great 4 travel or everday it can hold laptop etc
  13. John, I first thought of it in Germanium, you copied off me!

    My friend uses it for travel. It's almost 20 inches long, really tall too. it's amazing and def worth the $
  14. yeah that seller is always trying to make a profit.

    I keep telling myself, I could have bought the L'Extrav if I didnt buy my last few things lol but I would have missed out :sad:

    one day I will own it, it's a goal of mine since it is my most wanted LV and has been since it came out
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