Lexol Wipes for Hermes


May 29, 2006
For those ladies that use Lexol PH wipes to clean and remove color transfer on their H bags, do you guys follow up with the conditioning wipes also?

And, when you do wipe down your H with the Lexol wipe, do you notice any of the bag’s color being deposited onto the wipe?

Asking because I wiped down by workhorse Navy Blue Chanel boy today and noticed dark blue dye.
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Jan 15, 2011
Yes, the cleaning wipes can take off some color, with H as far as I see it's mostly bags that have a top finish like box calf. I try to be conservative with these.
Personally I use the conditioning wipes to take off the color transfer, seems to work well. I'm probably violating some cardinal rule, but my bags are in great shape.
I'm sure there's a thread to merge this into :smile:
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