Lexington or Reade PM


Reade PM or Lexington, which would you choose?

  1. Lexington

  2. Reade PM

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  1. If you had to choose just one, would you get the Lexington or the Reade PM. I won't use it daily because I hope to get a Batignolles Horizontal one day for every day use however for days when I want a cute little bag I would like a vernis item.

    It seems the Lexington can be worn a bit dressier and on the shoulder with an extender however it is very small and can fit very little. And the Reade PM can fit quite a bit more but is handheld and with the open top things can fall out.

    Which would you get if you could only get one?
  2. I prefer the look of Lexington- it's classier. But Reade is of course, more practical. It depends on how much things you carry and what occasion you use it for. ;)
  3. the Reade is evidently more practicaly, since it can hold more and is probably more worth it. i tried the Lexington on in the store once, and it was ridiculously small
  4. Agreed. :yes: I heard the Lexington is much smaller than the regular pochettes due to the patent leather...It doesn't stretch or expand very much. So the Reade is definitely more practical!
  5. i have a Lexington, and it's pretty tiny... it's a great bag for a nice evening out, if you don't carry much. i think the Reade pm is better choice, because it's bigger... despite being open top, and handheld, it's still a very cute bag!
  6. I have both..love them..It's tough..lexington is great for nite out..very classy looking..reade has more room and also cute..
  7. the reade pm since it holds more!
    just make sure u dunt swing it around (cuz i have a tendency to do that with my bags :P )
  8. Lol... :lol: So cute..! :P I just can't resist asking, why on earth would you swing your bag around? :lol: Are you simply a very enthusiastic person who likes to swing bags around?
  9. Both are cute, but I would go with the reade.

  10. :lol: You're so cute!
  11. I am voting for the lexington even though I agree that the reade is more practical and you would probably get more use out of it. The reade fits A TON more than the lexington and things wont really fall out. I had a bag similar to the reade and I used it almost ALL the time. The lexington you would definitely not be able to use often but I love it as it is the epitomey of classy. It would look great for a nice dinner out and its fuss free because you can carry it on your shoulder. You can fit a thin cell phone, thin wallet and some makeup. I think even my small camera may be a tight fit.
  12. I vote for the Reade, it is so cute! :love:
  13. I have a Reade PM and LOVE IT! The Lexington is nice, but super small.
  14. I have both. I love the lexington for evenings out too. The reade is nice for a day trip out when you want to have a cute bag on your arm. So I guess it depends on whether you'll be using it for days or evenings....either is beautiful, so you can't go wrong! :smile:
  15. Can the reade be worn as a dressy bag?