Lexington or Multicolore Pochette?

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  1. Hey ladies, I need a smaller clutch for evenings out or to use for accessories in my bigger bags. I want something in white- which do you think is more elegant and will hold up better to wear and tear, the Perle Vernis Lexington or the White Multicolore Pochette?

    I'm also going to get the Sunset Drive in Amarante (when it finally comes out again!).

  2. Ooo, this is a tough choice for me cause they are both so pretty!!! But...I think I would go with the multicolor because I'd be afraid of color transfer on the perle vernis. Unless, I was really, really careful with it, lol!
  3. I have a 3yr old Perle Roxbury and haven't had any color transfer yet. Does this usually happen as the bag gets older?

    I could see the Lexington being a problem if you wore it with a jean jacket maybe.
  4. I prefer the white MC pochette ... so cute!

  5. Wow!! Then you are careful!! LOL! Yes, that's what I mean, you have to watch where you put it down, against, etc.

    But...if you already have perle vernis...then I say go for the multicolor!!
  6. I agree ^, since you have a perle roxbury I would get the white MC.
  7. Perle lexington is more elegant IMO but it's too hard maintenance for using it as a cosmetic pouch.
  8. I'd get the MC Pochette.. love all the colors, definitely adds a bit of spice to an outfit.
  9. I think Perle Vernis is ideal for an elegant evening bag. But if you're looking for something less formal, and more fun, go for the multicolore!
  10. ITA! I have a Perle Lexington myself and I thinks it's great. I got mine 1,5 yrs ago and it looks brand new and trust me I don't take good care of it, I'm such a slob! Also you don't have to watch where you're putting your bag on as much as you have to with MC. Cause the Lexington has short "legs" so it hardly get's dirty on the bottom, kwin?
  11. MC Pochette gets my vote, or consider the Lexington in Pomme.
  12. I own a pomme, beige, and blue lex and the black mc pochette....I think the lex is more elegant. But depending on your outfit MC may suit you better
  13. They're both very cute, but I like the MC Pochette better, definitely! It's cute and just adds something to your outfit, while the Vernis Lexington will look a bit dull I think.
  14. I have the white MC pochette, and its lovely to use for most of my outfits. :p
  15. MC Pochette...it's more spacious. I do have 2 Lex's though: Silver and Fuchsia and love them both. They just don't fit much.