lexington / malibu street, does it worth the price difference ?

  1. What do you guys think ? I had in mind the Lexington, and then I saw the Malibu street and found it super cute........but I´m wondering,does it worth that big price difference for the same size ?
    Are you a happy owner of 1 of the 2 ?
    ......I´m making my wish list for next time I go to France, and finally get them this time !!:smile: .......
  2. I don't have either but I :heart: the malibu street!:biggrin:
  3. I have the Lexington Fleurs in beige (can see it in my showcase,if you need to)...it's gorgeous in my opinion:heart: :heart: ,but it is very very small...:sad:
  4. Ditto about the lexington. Think of only being able to fit the bare essentials into it. :sad:
  5. Lexington can't even fit a wallet in it. I can fit my card case, keys, and phone =/
  6. Lexington is quite small - can BARELY fit the necessities in it. However, I don't think the Malibu Street is worth the price difference - it is quite small...and quite a bit more!
  7. Yeah. They're BOTH really really tiny. I can't even fit my Ludlow wallet in the Lexington, but IMO, the Malibu is even tinier. I don't have that one but I've seen it in the store and it's kind of expensive for a bag that doesn't even fit anything more than a phone and keys.
  8. even though it's more pricey, the malibu is cuter!
  9. Hi
    I think Malibu is roomy :yes:
    66 (Large).JPG 77 (Large).JPG 88 (Large).JPG
  10. I love the malibu! I think the S-lock clasp makes the bag and is totally worth the extra money.
  11. clifene: she's lovely!
  12. ValleyOppressed .... I agree ! the S-lock clasp makes the bag, it's so beautiful ;)
    blushingbaby.....Thanks! :smile:
    vernis 1.JPG vernis2.JPG vernis3.JPG
  13. Cilifene - the malibu looks so cute on you!!! And I LOVE playing tetris in my purse!!
  14. Cilifene- you look oh so chic! I love that coat! *"supermodel" plays in the background* lol
  15. the malibu would fit much more than the lexington .. and i love the s-lock on it. that would be the only reason why i would get it