Lexington & Malibu childish?

  1. I'm trying to decide between the two and I sent it to some co-workers.

    They were not liking them to say the least.

    They mentioned that it's something a school girl would wear and it looks so immature. I'm only 24 and I would be using it as a lounge/bar bag. I know the pink does look kind of "kiddie" but not really all that much. I think they're cute. She mentioned it was the fact that it was patent leather and the shape of them were ugly. She said I needed something more sophisticated.

    I'm STILL going to get one because I love them to death but I just wanted to see who else thought they are "childish"

    I always appreciate constructive criticism from my lovely co-workers though :yes:
  2. I don't think they are childish at all. I think they are simply stunning!
  3. ^^^ITA, I am wayyy older than you, and still love them!
  4. Have the lexington, plan on getting a Malibu. Love them both.
    I'm early 40's (that was painful to admit) and have never once steered away from these two particular items bc of thinking they were childish.
    And, you are only 24.
    I use the lexington for evenings out and think it's terrific.
    Mine is bronze and pink is definitely young and fresh, but lovely nonetheless, and no not childish.
    Get one, enjoy it!:P
  5. I think they are beautiful and not at all childish. :flowers:
  6. I love my lexington and am older than you!
  7. Buy what you enjoy without caring what others think. The key is to satisfy yourself, not everyone else around you.
  8. Not childish at all..it's fresh..come on you are only 24.. are they in their 70's?? :graucho: :P
  9. i find them both elegant, especially in Perle. i prefer the Malibu, because it's not as common as the Lexington's pochette style, and the S-lock is too cute
  10. No, I don't think they are childish at all!
  11. I know. That's why I said I was still going to be buying 1 of the 2 :flowers:
  12. I vote for not childish...for both. They make great cocktail/evening bags! I wouldn't want to carry something that makes me look too old beyond my years either (unless u look realllly young...)...

  13. ITA!!:yes:
  14. I'm 36 and I'll still using my Lexington and my Pochettes!! It's your money, your bags, your enjoyment and your pleasure of your bags...I think if I'm 80, I'll still use a Lexington without hesitation - that's the beauty of LV bags...timeless.
  15. Childish??? No way!
    Who cares what they think...I think the Malibu street is a very classy bag, especially in Perle.
    Don't let others' opinions influence your decision!!
    Are your coworkers even into LV?