Lexington Fleurs

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  1. Oooh, the orange one is gorgeous!! rebeccalou28 is a great seller too.
  2. oh man...i wish i could get one!! gorgeous!! :heart:
  3. I'm in love with the orange
  4. i just got a pink one the other day, ill post pics soon. i love it, it's more pretty irl... i just used it today when i went out :smile:
  5. I have this bag in Beiger. I love it! It's my clubbing bag.
    Doesn't hold much...but it sure is cute and an attention grabber ;)
  6. definately post pics! :yes:
  7. Hi, I have a pink vernis fleurs bag (lexington) and need to know where the date code is supposed to be! Please email me at araso@aol.com. I am actually an eBay seller who had it wrongfully taken down and am now appealing it. I think if I tell them the datevode that will be enough verification to put it back up but I cannot find it in this tiny bag! Thanks, Anne
  8. When I was saw my user name as the poster on this thread I was thought I'd been drunk posting I have no recollection of this thread.

    Check the seams right in the corners for the date code, does it have a pocket? it may be in there again right in the seams
  9. Check the edge side near the stitch. Good luck.
  10. Wow, that's quite a few... the Lexington was one of the first LV purses I fell in love with as a young girl (sigh, got a fake one years ago on eBay)... and the fleurs one is just too cute!!
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