Lexington date code-Can some-one help mr locate it??

  1. To anyone who has a lexington can you please help me finding the date code? Thanks in advance..
  2. It should be at the top of one of the side seams.
  3. Rebecca, you are a sweetheart. My bronze lexington arrived today from the US and I was starting to get worried as I couldn't locate it. But I went outside in the sun to get a better look. It is VI 1011. My Black Le Tal also arrived today. What a fab day, I will take pics later..
  4. Aww thanks, I'm glad I could help :blush:

    Yeah those date codes are hard to find in such small pieces lol..I could barely find mine haha. Anyway congrats, that sounds gorgeous, both the Lex AND the Le Tal! :heart: