lexington color question?

  1. Hi I'm new here and don't have any lv..but I am lusting after one...a LOT, hehe.

    I love the :heart:Lexington:heart:..I'm wondering, does anyone know if it comes/or may come in in the future, in amarante???

    we don't have a store here...which is probably good for now til I get a little richer ;)

    thanks!!!! :smile:

    ps, also the forum page says I was supposed to say hello in the introductory forum, and i didnt do it, so I hope this wasn't a prereq. to posting on here... :sweatdrop: so i hope is okay.
  2. Welcome! And no, it's not a prerequisite, it's just a nice little get-to-know-you thing. :smile:

    As for the Lex, it doesn't come in Amarante *yet*, I don't think. It may be introduced but it isn't certain yet since the Vernis colors are seasonal.
  3. thanks, lvbabydoll :smile:
    i didnt think id seen it anywhere in that color.

    maybe for a small bag its better to get a bright color like pomme anyways :biggrin:
  4. ps, i saw your collection on your slideshow lvbaby, the cles in amarante is awesome! (among all the other things in your collection that are awesome ) :smile:
  5. i dunt think they're gonna make Amarante Lexington since they rather you buy Sunset Blvd.
  6. Aw thanks! :flowers:
  7. that's a good point vlovelouie..I was just thinking that earlier today. but - they should make it in amarante!!!