lexington accessory pouch vernis

  1. hi guys :biggrin: does the vernis scratch easily ? is it a high maintenance item in which i would have to be carefull all the time? i love the lexington pouch :love:
  2. You would have to watch out for color transfer. If say a magazine is leaning against it for a while, it will transfer onto the Vernis and it's irreversible. I don't think it scratches easily but it would annoy me if I do get scratches and this is the reason why I am hesitating each time I want to get a Vernis piece.
  3. thanks kathyrose i read something bout color transfer just cant rem which thread :sad:
  4. It doesn't scratch easily. Just watch pens and being next to something dark! I don't think I've scratched a vernis peice and I don't baby them, really.
  5. yeap, Color transfer!

    Also, Lexington pouch is really small!!!!..
  6. I have two of the Lexingtons; one in Rose and one in Fuchsia. The Rose does have color transfer, while the Lexington is immaculate. My advice would be to stay away from the lighter colors. Go with red, fuchsia, or something like that.

    The lexington is a very narrow bag by the way. You can't fit as much in it as you could in a pouchette.
  7. The main thing you would have to watch out for is color transfer. I don't have a Vernis Lexington, but I do have a Vernis Ludlow that does have color transfer on it. No scratches or anything - and I don't treat it like a baby :smile: I've got the Peppermint Ludlow and it's got pink color transfer on it - which isn't TOO noticeable. Most people can't tell unless I point it out :smile:
  8. Yeah I have the fuchsia lexington as well and I've never had a problem with color transfer. Just go with a darker color. My only complaint is that the Lexington is VERY small inside and I can't even carry a wallet (not even the Ludlow.)
  9. I haven't had a problem though I have red and fuschia Houstons, so they are darker. I probably wouldn't be comfortable with a lighter vernis.
  10. thanks guys :smile:
  11. thanks
  12. It Definitely Doesn't Hold Much....But It's So Super Cute!!!