Lexington accessory pouch v Perfo accessoires

  1. I need help in deciding between the two. Can you carry both over your shoulder? Can you fit a pda/cell phone, credit card, a little cash in both? How about durability? Thanks for any help.:yes:
  2. yes you can fit all that you just listed into both. i prefer the Lexington, because it's more elegant, although the Vernis leather would require extra care. the Perfo looks a little tacky to me :blah:
  3. yup, all the above will fit in either. i have the lexington and love it as well!;)
  4. The lexington is a little more unique and thus less people have it. Also it doesn't scream out like the perfo does. To each his own then!
  5. I am attracted to the lexington also - I love it in framboise (of course it costs more, too:roflmfao:. For those of you who have it, what special care do you take? Were any of you considering any other similiar sized LV bag?
  6. I love perfo, but only in summer. I don't know the reason, but lexington is a handbag for all-seasons; and perfo isn't.
  7. I like the vernis better too :smile:
  8. I love both!
  9. Not a big fan of the perfo...I vote Lexington too..
  10. I love lexington..don;t mind perfo either but if I have to choose between the two, I will choose lexington No Doubt!!

    I have red lexington, I don't really give special treatment . I make sure it's in the dustbag anytime I don't use it. I won't put it on top of prints material like newspaper , mags etc..

    I agree with Sandra, Lexington looks elegant..
  11. The Lexington is an overall better bag choice, in my opinion, because of it's elegance and most importantly because it is leather. It's understated LV logos can make for a bodacious bag depending on the color that you choose. I have one in red and fushsia. Both colors are awesome! When I land a bronze one I will be finished with my Lexington collection. I think. :smile:
  12. I dont own it but I do like the lexington its more elegant...
    I just cant use small bags anymore,
    not very practical for a mommy.;)
  13. I prefer lexington, they're so cute and elegant. I really want a Framboise lexington..
  14. Lexington is so gorgeous and classy! :love: Though I do agree that it's hard to fit in a lot.
  15. I love both!