Lexies table...

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  1. LOL Lexie!

    That table of yours!! :lol:
    Sometimes I browse the US eBay to check out all the koobas that I cant have as there is no international shipping, and three times now I can tell that you are selling koobas.
    Not by reading about it on here,or even by seeing the eBay seller's name, but because that lil' table of yours gives you away.
    I wonder how much that table alone would be worth if the value of every kooba that had been placed on was taken into account :graucho:

    LOL...is it normal to feel jealous of a table just because it has held more koobas than me:roflmfao:
  2. I like my table. We just had it made 6 months ago. We needed something in front of our window with 2 wooden rockers. It cost quite alot for not a real large table (about 1300). So it is worth about 3 Koobas itself! LOL Has a nice thick pedestal base. It's the perfect place for inside pics to get the light I need. Sometimes I let you see glimpes of my life....a Yankee Candle...coasters...and salt and pepper...LOL
  3. I always recognize that table in auctions too. *s
  4. Well, next time I sell a bag I'll switch it up and fool you all. Change my location...LOL

    Seriously, are the pics okay on the table? What would you all recommend different? I am always open to hearing what a buyer might want to see.
  5. Ahhhh, the famous table, yes! LOL

    I think it's fine.
  6. I like my pictures to be generally uncluttered. I actually saw a person trying to sell a bag on Ebay sitting the bag on a dirty stained carpet with clothes cluttered around. Who in their right mind would take a pic in a dirty place? You know I've lost it when I sell my Kooba sitting in my cats litter box!!!:nuts:

  7. Oh no dont change it!!! As a buyer I much prefer to see a 'real life' pic of the bag in normal surroundings. I find that it gives a more true impression of what the bag actually looks like than those staged studio type pics that some sellers use. For people like me, who never see the bag they are bidding on in the flesh, your type of pics are much prefered!! :yes:
  8. Thanks Halzer! I had a friend tell me once my auctions weren't fancy enough. Well, I'm sorry but by the time you add all of those borders and themes the price keeps adding up to list. And she takes her pics of say a bag that is on top of a draped throw, with a accent pillow, and a bunch of dried flowers arrangements. With all that clutter you can't tell what you are buying....the throw, the pillow or the flowers. Oh...or the bag.
  9. Wow, that's a expensive little table. You do get a lot of use of out it. So many Koobas sat on there for a pic.. all great pics btw. I say the table is worth every penny!
  10. We went to a place that specializes in porch furniture and intricately carved peices. They made it to our exact specifications. We needed an odd sized table to fit the window. I never expected it to cost that much but boy is it nice. He says it should last for 100's of years! LOL But a part of me said I could have went to a furniture place and gotten a table for 3-400 dollars.
    We really don't use it much. We sit there and talk. We have a big wooden table for eating, wood endtables, wood everything. We are very simplistic in our tastes. Nothing fancy here. Our kitchen table is a big thick butcher block table.