Lexie's Loves

  1. I finally got around to getting some pics. I still have some more to take but this is a start. My Studded IF Tote is not here yet. I'll get an actual pic when it comes.
    Isabella Fiore Flashback Audra
    Dooney & Bourke Anniversary Signature Barrel Bag
    Kooba Scarlett in Metallic Army
    Isabella Fiore Studded Tote
    Kooba Marcelle in Cognac
    Coach Tie Dye Satchel & Coach Sig Pocket Flap Bag
    Dooney & Bourke Ostrich Brown Flap Bag
    Coach Khaki Studded Flap Bag & Studded Demi Hobo
    Coach Leather Burgandy Pocket Flap & Coach Liberty Demi
    Botkier Metallic Mauve Trigger Luxe
  2. Oooh I love the tie dye satchel, very cute collection !
  3. love the ostrich bag!!!
  4. OMG I'm so jealous of your Kooba Scarlett in Metallic Army! SO CUTE! And I want that D&B roll! Cant wait til your other baby gets here. Great collection!
  5. Your Trigger in Mauve is such a lovely color! Mmmm makes me hungry LOL
  6. i love the metallic kooba!
  7. wow! what a great collection! You've got so many different pieces!!! thanks for sharing i esp like your Botkier Metallic Mauve Trigger Luxe - its a cute colour!!!
  8. Here's an actual pic of the Botkier. It's wonderful.
    Actually I just listed The Dooney Barrel on Ebay along with the Large Khaki Flap Bag. These are a couple of my least used bags and I'm buying so many new ones.
    I am a sucker for anything shiny and sparkly. I guess that's why I love my Scarlett and Botkier. The Scarlett is actually subdued and the Botkier is gorgeous and not tacky like some sparkly pink things can be. It's a huge purse.
  9. wow! i love your collection!!!! especially the IF bags!!!
  10. wow!look at the marcella!! so yummy!
  11. Nice collection..
  12. Lovely collection. I like your metallic Kooba and your Coach tie dye is so cute!
  13. Lexie,
    I love all your bags, especially the Botkie Metallic.
  14. all of your bags are SO cute!!
  15. Pretty collection!