Lexie... Nicole arrived!!

  1. That was superfast!!!! She's gorgeous! It's better than the pictures (not that they weren't wonderful, especially the handbag model ;) ) and it's just the size I like in a handbag.

    The color is delicious!! I mean, I almost want to take a bite of it. It looks like a caramel apple color.

    I'll have to have a talk with my postman, though. He delivered the box to the door and let my DH accept it!! Acckk!!! DH said, "Hey honey, there's a box here for you and it looks like a purse." Now why do you think he'd say that? :busted

    I'm putting all my stuff into it now and giving Paige a little rest.

    :yahoo: :woohoo:
  2. Yeah, we want to see photos.

  3. LOL! Looks like your hubby caught you out. I always hope that my DH isnt home when another delivery arrives for me!

    Im waiting impatiently for pics of that Nicole :lol:
  4. larsue, don't tempt me!, that bag sounds delicious:drool:, you've gotta train your postman better, if there is a sign of a husband = come back tomorrow...LOL

    Congratulations!:yahoo::yahoo: Now we're just waiting for the pics, don't take too long!
  5. Thanks everyone! I'll take pictures as soon as I can find the darned camera.

  6. Congrats on your lovely new addition!
  7. pix pix pix ;)
  8. Oh Goodie. I'm glad you like it. It is a pretty color, isn't it. I hope the leather wears well for you. I did treat it with Wilson's as I thought originally I was going to keep, it so it should be good to go.

    I have to work tonight so I can't play on the forum. I'll be back in the morning. So glad your Kooba arrived safely Laura!
  9. OOHHHH... sounds sooo YUMMY!! Makes me sooo excited & anxious to get mine - and it's my FIRST KOOBA!!

    HMMM, so this postman thing could get me into some trouble too:busted hadn't thought of that! Gotta figure out a way to train them to deliver at "appropriate" times!! HA!!
  10. Lucky lucky! congrats!! I can't wait to get a Nicole in Rose, but I still need to wait. Btw Jbug, that happened to be once. I'm a SAHM, so of course I accept and sign all deliveries, but ONE time fedex came in the wee hours of the morning, so of course I was sound asleep, and my Dh had to go get the package since he was up getting ready for work.
  11. Oh yeah...everytime a pkg comes Hubby "here's another purse". He just assumes.....and usually he's correct. But last week a big box came and he hauled it in. Said "Boy, how many purses are in this box?" I said "None...I ordered 25lbs of dog food from 3 Dog Bakery!"...LOL
  12. Hahahahaha nice one.

    This week so far, I have received, good job its Friday.

    6 handbags
    3 mobile phones
    2 watches
    1 Satellite navigation thingy
    2 swarvosky bracelets
    4 luxury extra large towels

    Feel like I should say, and a partridge in a pear tree.

    My OH has bought

    2 special amplified aerials
    pc router stuff

    a box which he has snook away somewhere!!!

    and he has bought me a handbag :cursing: could be interesting.

    BUT, he is on hols all next week. :supacool: