Lexie and others who are into Tano

  1. I posted pictures of my Loveboat and my Bauhaus. They just arrived and thought I'd let you guys know. I posted them in the Handbag forum.
  2. They are gorgeous! How does the Tano leather feel?
  3. Love that Love Boat, Grace, how is the leather? Is the colour in the pics its true colour?
  4. It's a great bag. I loaded it up and took it out on Saturday. It's slouchy and fun and smells good..just the way it should. I like the feel of it and color is very true. It's like looking at the ocean from a white, sandy beach.
  5. We should now call this the 'Kooba/don't have much money so bought Tano too' thread.

    I have two Tano's on the way so look forward to seeing how they feel. I look at them as a fun bag, to bring color and interest.
  6. I'm in too.
    I have an Off the Chain on pre-order and last night just bought the Minilisa in brusciato. I'm also eyeing the Truffle. The bags are so eye-catching.
  7. I have to say that I was seriously eyeballing the loveboat. I found from the tano website that a store only 2 blocks away from my house carries Tano so on saturday I decided to go and check them out.

    they only had one left and I don't know which model it was, it must have been older one because it was on sale.

    I was dissapointed...the outside was nice, leather was nice but the inside of the bag...not so much. I thought the interior linning was cheap looking: bright orange and made of nylon or something that you would make a windbreaker out of. and the interior pocket was just a piece of left over leather sewn to the side of the interior and then someone grabbed a knife and slit a cut to make it a pocket?? I am sorry but I was not impressed with that. Maybe I am used to my MJ and my Koobas having the nice suede interior, this was just something that I didn't care for so much, even with the 50% off.

    but if the new bags are not like this inside please let me know!
  8. I'm looking at Tano's as a fun little "not serious" bag. Something I can be less careful with. I think the crunch leather will do better in rain, and in time if it wears out, I won't feel too bad not spending 500 bucks. They will be my costume jewelry next to my 14K gold. And there is some place and time for costume jewelry. I went ahead and pre-ordered a truffle also in Orange Papaya. Alexandra told me it is muted and has tones of Cognac in it so I will be happy if it isn't bright orange.
  9. i saw a few tanos irl last sat n boy... did they look nice, i just love that dark cobalt blue colour. they're so much lighter than my carla even though they're about the same size. checked out the musthavebag website too and saw a couple i liked. asked them about international orders n they were very nice n helpful so i think i will have no problems ordering fr them. i think i'm in trouble... LOL thank god they're not so expensive. ;)
  10. i want the loveboat but i WANTED blue and now that i saw scotch whisky i want that. i want too much!
  11. Everybody who wants a Tano, read that link. Looks like it doesn't do well in rain or any kind of water. :sad:
  12. I posted earlier this week that I had my LB out w/me and got caught in some rain. It did get some wet spots but they dried beautifully and no one would know it had been rained on now. So far I give it a thumbs up for durability.