Lexi Kooba Pouch

  1. Oh la la.."liquid leather" sounds good enough to eat.
  2. LOL! That makes two of us now that have Kooba bags this year (Linda)!

    Anyone else have a Kooba namesake? :lol:
  3. I saw that the other day and thought it was cute! I am definitely disappointed that they named a bag after the Kooba Queen but misspelled it. Boo!!!:tdown:
  4. Oh that is such a cute, little baby bag. But relatively useless for me.
  5. That's what I thought too. What would I use if for? I never go anywhere without all of my stuff. Leather looks good, though.
  6. Cute, but too small.
  7. Misspelt mine as well on the Layla (mine is Laila)..:hrmm:
  8. I would like to see a full size bag in Liquid Black! It looks nice...