Levlen #28

  1. So I went to planned parenthood today for consultation. I was originally on the ring but it was making me bleed all the time. So the nurse there prescribed levlen #28. I got home and have been reading reviews ever since and I am now kind of leary. Anyone on this or was on this? Any major side effects? I want to stray away from weight gain and acne. Any info helps. Thanks!
  2. I was on Levlen for awhile (and now I'm on Levora, the generic of Levlen). I noticed that it actually cleared up my skin (although I never had a problem with acne), although after a few years of taking it that seems to have gone away so maybe it was just my imagination. Definitely hasn't caused acne though. As for weight gain, I probably gained about 5 pounds, and felt like I had an increased appetite. I don't exercise though, so I'm sure I could get off those lbs if I really tried. :rolleyes:
    Also no one really noticed that I had gained weight except my BF.