Levis sizing?

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  1. hi girls!

    does anyone know how levis run? i'd like to pick up a pair but don't know what size i am. their size chart is a bit confusing. i'm normally a 26 in TR, citizens, SFAM, and AG's. any help would be really appreciated!

  2. Hm, I think they rather true to size but all jeans are weird. I'm a 27 usually, which corresponds to 3/4 on their scale, but I also wear a 26 in AG's like you. A 26 is around a 2, so I'd suggest you try on a 2 and a 4 and see which one fits you better.
  3. thanks oxy!

    normally i'd go in and try them on, but i'm ordering them online. here's keeping my fingers crossed!
  4. Maybe it depends of which continent you are, but in Europe they are tiny ! I am a 27 in any other brand, but the Levi´s 27 I get it up to my knees only.
  5. i find levi's to run normally... i also live in europe...
    have 28/29 is other brands and the same in levi's....
  6. i'm a size 1 in levi's and it it got bigger as i wore it! it stretches!! and i'm a 25 in TR and R&R... and that stretches too =(

    i gotta keep reminding myself to go down a size, cause what fits at the store gets bigger after wearing it...
  7. i used to wear levi's a year back and i thought they were huge! i'm a 26 also and used to wear a 1 in their junior's styles, but even a 0 was too baggy in some of them. when i went to the levi's store the other day i noticed they got rid of junior sizes, but i tried on a 2 and it fit fine (just a tad big).