1. I LOVED the costumes in this episode!

    I agree, the nod to Timothy Hutton's dad was a nice touch!
  2. Eventhought it was not actually Parker & Hardison engaged in actual romance per se, tonight's episode was fabulous! The kiss at the train tracks and the way Parker cried! I cried!
  3. *bump*

    Is everyone still watching?
    Last Sunday's episode made me laugh out loud when Eliot threw the radio down and said "Yipee Ki Yay Mother F-" I don't think I have ever laughed so hard during an episode of Leverage.
    I don't usually watch episodes same-day as I'm in Canada, but I have a US iTunes account so I can download episodes from there.
    Anyone have any ideas as to how this season will end? Last Sunday's episode was the first of two parts of the season finale, I believe.

    Does anyone follow John Rogers' blog of the show?
  4. I am an absolute fan of Leverage. I adore Christian Kane so I think any scene he is in is fabulous. I am so sad the season is over.

    I read Kung Fu Monkey! I also love the Leverage 10 podcast!

  5. I've got to get caught up on this season, the last one I watched was The Office Job. Such a funny show!
  6. The season premiere is tonight ladies!
    Who is watching? I'm super excited, but I'll have to watch tomorrow once I get the episode off iTunes.
    kymmie? You glued to the TV right now?