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  1. Hallo,
    I am a newbie here.
    I have a wish to purchase a briefcase from Levenger. Bomber Jacket Expandable Laptop Briefcase http://www.levenger.com/PAGETEMPLATES/PRODUCT/Product.asp?Params=Category=11-833|Level=2-3|pageid=5466|Link=Img
    Because I live in the other country I have no way to check the "construction" of the bag. I currently own a Bomber Circa notebook from Levenger and I like the Bombers leather style. I do know how to explain. I like the feeling when I touch this Bomber leather. Also I like the bombers lining (square like). So I intendet to purchase it but before i want to as you an opinion about this investment. I try to put all together.

    I like:
    1. Bomber leather (feeling when I touch it)
    2. I like lining colours
    I need:
    1. Carry notebook (mostly paper because i like to work with paper, circa)
    2. Book (1 or maximum 2) + up to 20 pages A4 (scientific articles)
    3. Color pens, PDA, SONY reader, glasses, 0.33 bottle of water, 1 small snack (sandwich or apple) in plastic case.
    4. Some times I need to bring sport clothes with me (t-shirt, thin pants, towel, shoes i carry in separated bag). But generally I can carry all this sport equipment in separated bag
    I think:
    1. I do not have car, some times it is rainy, water and sun will damag leather
    2. Scratches, i will use public transport (wear and tear).
    3. I am afraid I will take to much care of this bag and i will look clumsy with it.

    The main questions are is it really worthy to buy it of this leather feeling. I mean it is a bag and I will have contact only with handles (from practical point of view)
    I want to ask may be it is just a blind wish to get this bag and nothig more.
  2. Welcome!
    Your best to post this in the Bag's & Purses section, under bags bags bags.
  3. Ok I will ask administrator to shift the topic.
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