Levenger, Bomber Briefcase, need suggestion

  1. Hallo,
    I am a newbie here.
    I have a wish to purchase a briefcase from Levenger. Bomber Jacket Expandable Laptop Briefcase http://www.levenger.com/PAGETEMPLATE...=5466|Link=Img
    Because I live in the other country I have no way to check the "construction" of the bag. I currently own a Bomber Circa notebook from Levenger and I like the Bombers leather style. I do know how to explain. I like the feeling when I touch this Bomber leather. Also I like the bombers lining (square like). So I intendet to purchase it but before i want to as you an opinion about this investment. I try to put all together.

    I like:
    1. Bomber leather (feeling when I touch it)
    2. I like lining colours
    I need:
    1. Carry notebook (mostly paper because i like to work with paper, circa)
    2. Book (1 or maximum 2) + up to 20 pages A4 (scientific articles)
    3. Color pens, PDA, SONY reader, glasses, 0.33 bottle of water, 1 small snack (sandwich or apple) in plastic case.
    4. Some times I need to bring sport clothes with me (t-shirt, thin pants, towel, shoes i carry in separated bag). But generally I can carry all this sport equipment in separated bag
    I think:
    1. I do not have car, some times it is rainy, water and sun will damag leather
    2. Scratches, i will use public transport (wear and tear).
    3. I am afraid I will take to much care of this bag and i will look clumsy with it.

    The main questions are is it really worthy to buy it of this leather feeling. I mean it is a bag and I will have contact only with handles (from practical point of view)
    I want to ask may be it is just a blind wish to get this bag and nothig more.
  2. I bought this exact bag for my husband and it is an amazing briefcase and worth every penny! He travels extensively for work, and it is very durable and well made. The pockets can hold all kinds of file folders and keep different electronics/laptop/cables/etc. all organized. It's one of the best made briefcases I have ever seen.
  3. Tejasmama,
    Is it some how bulky? IS it really durable (scratches)? I also travel a lot and mostly by public transport.
  4. And additionally. It gonna be a significant investment (this bag) of mine. I like levengers stuff but bag, I do not know. I like the style of this bag. I imagine, ok I have it, I put it and enjoy it.... i carry it i enjoy but ...it is a bag it does not develop me. Besides it would take part of my energy trying to keep this bag clean and tidy.
    I can keep my paper/cable/PDA/ in the case I own now (Rimowa Case)
    [​IMG] LAter I will show you photos.

    Finally it is just a bag i will see it only when i need to put something in or take it out.

    It is damned nice.... and..... nothing else, there are so many bags....
  5. It's not a bulky bag but it does hold a lot, and the lining is very durable...padded areas for laptop and files...so it looks like it has really solid stitching and attention to detail. I wouldn't worry about having to clean it or baby it..the pebbled leather is very rugged.

    My husband puts his bags through real beatings--traveling all over the US and abroad and has had no problems at all.
  6. I think I will not buy this bag. It is just a bag... and besides it is expandable to load more. So who will carry it for me. No thanks. 300 USD is much lighter that this bag.
  7. I feel just like a ****............ I GOT LEVENGERS BAG. Not from Bomber series but Cambridge Briefcase. I am Happy.:wlae:
  8. Not sure what your point is in the last post.