Levels of Burberry Purses

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  1. Hello,
    When I was in the Burberry boutique last week, the SA told me that there are 3 levels of Burberry merchandise.

    I have the Beaton and Manor purses and I thought she said they are level 2 items. Does anyone know which types of items fall into what category? I'm not that familiar with all of their purses. I believe she said that the Novachecks are Level 1 because they are usually canvas and less expensive.

    I have purchased my items on sale. Who actually buys the Level 3 items? Do they ever go on sale?
  2. Maybe the Level 3 items are the Burberry Prorsum items?
  3. Would that be the same as a "Runway" item? I think that's what she called the Level 3 items. What would be an example of a Runway or Prosorum Burberry purse?
  4. this is the first time i've heard about levels. maybe level one is the outlet, level two is the regular stuff and level three is the porsum collection.
  5. I doubt that they are really referred to by levels, it may just be the SA's own personal interpretation of the types of Burberry merchandise.
    But, I can see what they are talking about, the "level one" items would be the least expensive usually coated canvas novacheck items. While "level 2" would be the more expensive leather bags and other designs using the check pattern that are a little more ornate than the usual printed "level one" bags. And "level 3" would be the most expensive Prorsum line, the warrior bags, runway bags, exotic skin bags. Yes, these do occasionally go on sale.
  6. I don't think she meant anything negative when she said it, she was just trying to compare the types of bags. I was looking at one of the metallics and asked about how did it compare with the leather bags that I had. I haven't ever had a coated canvas bag and didn't have any idea how much they were. I'm sure they are all very nice. I've never had any problems with my Burberries.