Letting my hair grow out.

  1. OK, so I finally decided to try to let my short hair grow out to a jaw length blunt cut....I have had short hair for probably 14+ years. Any suggestions on how to make it thru the growing out stage? My bangs almost reach my eyebrows and the layers are still short but I feel there has to be some looks out there to work with. I am going to try to find some headbands. It looks OK slicked back wet (but that is a beach look). So any help to get me thru it before I decide to cut it off again.:amazed:
  2. i've done this a couple times. it's akward, but bareable. :smile:

    even though you're growing it out, it is imparative that you still go for regular (every six weeks) trims to shape your cut as it grows. this will make it much more managable. also barettes, bobbie pins and cute twisty styles are your friend. :smile:
  3. i had layers and i am letting my hair grow out to one length but sometimes i am ready to just cut it off. but alas that would not be something i would be happy with so now i am considering getting extensions until it is at the length i want.

    has anyone here had them?
  4. i've had both short(ish) hair and layers.
    it doesn't bother me much to grow it out!
    i looove headbands, bobby pins, and twisting stuff off to the side.

    kind of like ilizabet said :yes: :heart:
  5. try twisting your hair back or pinning it to the side... i remember reading an article about growing out hair and still looking cute it had celeb pics in it to i'll try to find it... i am growing my hair out too i used to have hair past my butt and now its just shoulder length and i'm thinking of going midback i love the look of long hair but i dont miss the long drying/straightening times lol

    edit: i found an article but this isnt the one i was talking about but maybe it will help

  6. i made the mistake of having my bangs cut short just a few months back, thinking that i will look cute in it. wrong, i just lookws someone with a bad hair cut or some drunken stylist did my hair. what i did was just twist the bangs and pin it backwards, either using pins or a small hair comb. yeah i go for monthly trims and i still have to get my bangs trimmed just alittle to keep the shape while trying to grow them out coz it looks heavy at the ends.