letting go?


Sep 19, 2006
i have one bag that i have used less than 5 times and another that i have used only once since i got it.

i love them and i keep telling myself that i'll use them for "warmer days", "special occasions", "nights outs", etc. but when is enough enough?

i could use the funds to go towards a new fall bag and i am i rotator (buy a bag, sell a bag, buy a new bag, etc). but still- one of the bags was sooo hard to find, i'd kinda feel guilty selling it.

how you you ladies decide which bags to sell?:shrugs:


Nov 22, 2007
I have the same problem! I actually sell anything I haven't worn in the past 6 months once every 6 months. I am a big purge person, as sad as it is to let things go sometimes, it's nice to go buy something new!


Sep 9, 2006
if you're talking about the bag i think you're talking about, then i would hate to see you let it go. however, if you keep saying you're going to use it, but never actually do, then what's the point of keeping it around? there are so many amazing sales going on right now plus the fall bags looks so promising. i haven't been this excited about a collection since 2006, so perhaps it's better to sell it if it means more money for something you will absolutely love. hth and good luck with your decision. it's a tough one to make, i know. :smile:


Feb 1, 2008
I had a brand new metallic MP sitting in my closet in the dustbag for three months. I loved looking at it but never used it - so I sold it and put the money toward a stam, which I used the day I bought it. For me, it just doesn't make sense to have an expensive bag if I am not going to wear it.


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Apr 11, 2006
i agree with tadpole....i had a few VERY rare YSL bags, but i used them so infrequently, i ended up selling them. they helped me come to the realization that i only really need that which i will use. otherwise, it's just eye candy and i can google that on google images or here!


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Sep 13, 2006
I just went thru a similar clean out trying to decide which bags to get rid of and which to sell. There are some I haven't used in more than a year, but they're vintage MJ which are almost impossible to replace (and one of them I actually had & sold & regretted it so much that I bought another!) and then there are some that are "classic" that I plan on passing down to my granddaughter someday -- it was agonizing trying to decide which ones to let go, but in the end I just weighed how much I loved it versus how much I loved the newer bags -- if you love the bag and it was HTF I wouldn't part with it just yet (esp if you haven't used it yet) -- you just might not have had the right opportunity to use it -- but if it's a bag you've already used and it's just been sitting there, then I say it's time to part with it


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Dec 4, 2007
Jess, I totally hear you and I agree that if you don't use you need to let it go. What's the point right? I'm even considering selling my plum kid because she has come out only once. I love her, and I had a hard time getting her but there is no point to having her permanently installed in my closet.

I know a lot of ladies on here have beautiful, amazing, extensive collections(which I take great pleasure in drooling over, lol) but that does not mean that it is the right purse path for everyone;). I will never use more than the 5 bags that I have now at one time (and that is actually 2 too many for me to be honest), so I have to just resign myself to the fact I'm going to be a "rotator"(as you said). Don't feel bad, just hope that they go to a home where they will be loved and used!:heart:!
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Mar 18, 2007
...i dont know jess. i know which bag your considering letting go of, and i really dont think you should. you got her for an amazing price, and although you havent gotten too much use out of her, i dont want you to regret selling her in the future.


Sep 19, 2006
ok- so i guess its no big secret that im talking about my grey mayfair.

i know i searched long and hard for it- but i've only used her once or twice since i go her in february. and like jacy said- there is no reason for her to be confined to her little box all the time.

i'm actually kind of thinking of selling all my bags (besides the ew tote) and just started fresh this fall.


Sep 2, 2006
i'm actually kind of thinking of selling all my bags (besides the ew tote) and just started fresh this fall.

Ok now that is just crazy talk!!!!

Just kidding. It is very daunting or suffocating to me sometimes to have so many bags that I don't use. I sold a bunch recently to fund some LV purchases and I'm very happy about it. ;)