letting go

  1. Hi everyone! I don't post very often, but all of your advice, conversations and new purchases have brought me much joy and knowledge and I'd like to thank you for that. I finally have a question of my own that I feel only you will all understand and have the right advice.

    I am considering letting go of one of my 35 birkins. My best friend is very interested so a buyer is not the problem. I own three, and strictly use them as work totes. I have never used a 35 for a day bag, it just isn't right for me. They all get used, I change seasonally. I would like to get other bags for my collection, (have 3 on order) so the $ will go to good use, although it is not the reason I want to sell. I just really want to pare down, owning 3 seems excessive for my life style and they are all very similar.

    The specs:
    choc togo w/palladium
    gold togo w/palladium, white stitch
    cognac? buffalo with gold

    My friend really wants the gold or the chocolate. I was thinking that the gold would be the right one to sell her because it is a little more conservative on me and I have other bags in this shade of luggage. I love the chocolate because it is a bit more edgy, I wear it with blacks and all winter. I can't let go of the buffalo because it was my first Hermes bag ever, plus the color is so beautiful and the gold reflects in it like rose gold.

    I just can't let go of that feeling that I will regret this move. It's sort of my personality to hold on to things and its not the best habit. How do you, who sell your bags get over it? Do you ever have regrets? If I ever want to replace this bag it will cost far more than I paid for it a few years ago. I really want a chocolate box kelly, 32, would that replace the chocolate togo birkin in my heart more easily? I appreciate all of your advice, TIA.
  2. I would give yourself some time to think about it. :yes: Like a few weeks to make sure it's what you really want to do. I really regret selling my Evelyne.:crybaby:
  3. This is a very personal decision but the only thing I can say is that when I'm ready to sell something, I'm ready and I absolutely know it. Usually, it's more the case of the size being wrong for me or the leather isn't quite what I was expecting. And, in most cases, I replace it with something that works better for me.

    I think if you're not sure, you need to wait a bit until you are sure without a doubt that you won't miss it. Pack it up and put it out of sight for a week or so and see how you feel then. This is what I do and it does help.
  4. I totally agree with S'Mom
  5. I have to second s'mom on this...each of your birkins is very unique but preference would be to keep the gold with white stitching as chocolate seems a bit more available to me these days.

  6. Excellent advice!!!!!!:tup:
  7. Maybe you can first get the kelly and then see how you feel. If it feels redundant to have a chocolate birkin at that time then you can let it go with no regrets
  8. you can always flip a coin -- heads you keep it, tails you sell.

    it doesn't matter how it actually comes down -- but if you find yourself HOPING it falls one way, then that's what you should do regardless of the actual result of the toss!
  9. That is so GOOD!
    ..sonds like a great way to self-awareness :yes:.

    With the few pieces I have sold from my personal collection, I felt relieved because usually
    it was the wrong thing to be bought in the first place. If I was in your position of considering to scale down,
    I would do what DQ suggested!

    ...the idea just appeals to me ;).
  10. I sold a couple if H things on eBay recently, the first time I've let anything H go. I asked myself the question, if I could afford not to sell to save for something else, would I still keep them, luckily the answer for me was no, I didn't wear these things anymore and even if I won the lottery the following week, I would still be OK at not owning them anymore. From your post, it sounds as though you are still using all your Birkins regularly, that is a bit of a red flag to me - I would only sell if I wasn't using anymore. If you can brook the expense, it might be an idea to wait for your next bag and see if you stop using a particular bag - One bag will often displace another to the point of extinction, lol.
  11. I really like the coin flip and hope. That's good advice!
  12. It's VERY hard to let go. I have this one birkin in the brown/gold color family that I have been thinking of letting go (just to make room since I don't use it that much and I have more than 4 H bags in this color/family) but it has been 3 years and I am still thinking about it...:sad:

    Good luck with your decision. But think very hard... it's not one of those things you can just pop into the store and get another one if you regret selling....
  13. Yes, I've had regrets...Don't have too many anymore though...I've pared down and only sell what I DON"T use. Sounds like you love your bags and USE them. I would therefore keep them...but think on it...

    I would def NOT sell if I were going to see the bag on a regular basis and have an inkling I might regret it...

    hope that helps...
  14. Take all the excellent advice above into account! They know what they're talking about!

    Good luck to you!
  15. It seems as though if you LOVE the chocolate and don't really LOVE the gold one, sell it to your friend who will LOVE it. It might bring you joy to see something you don't use as much being enjoyed by someone else. Three Birkins that close in color and texture are a lot. I would sell and put the $$$$ towards the chocolate kelly you long for and will LOVE!!