Letting Go of Jaune Day? (not selling!!)


Jaune Day--what to do?!

  1. Sell it!

  2. Keep it!

  3. Keep it until you find another Jaune style, then sell!

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  1. Hi everybody! After being absent for a while, I've returned--it's just too hard to leave! And of course I come here with a problem that I hope you wonderful people can help me with...

    So I bought a Jaune Day back in September, and though I adooore the color, I just don't seem to be using the bag often (or at all.. I've probably only used it 10 times or less!)--partially because I just can't get into the Day style. I keep wavering between letting it go and keeping it because I love the color so much! What do you think I should do? :shrugs:

    I know it seems obvious to say sell it, but I feel pained in letting go of this color! It's illogical, I know! Plus, selling is such a pain, I can never get the hang of selling on *bay!

    Okay, thanks for listening! I know you guys would understand... :flowers:
  2. ^^ Are you not wearing it because of the color? i.e. it's hard to match with your wardrobe? If so then I'd sell and get an accessory in the Jaune color instead.
  3. Nope, matching is not an issue! I have a very colorful wardrobe and lots of black/gray!
  4. ^^Then why aren't you using her if she doesn't clash with your clothing and you've said you love the color?
  5. sounds like it's not the color but the style. if you don't need the funds, keep it till you come across another style in jaune. there seems to be a jaune twiggy on *bay now (needs to be authenticated).

    i have a jaune city and absolutely love it!
  6. Yep, it's the style I just can't get into. I want to use it because the color is so awesome, but I just don't find the Day as comfortable/flattering as the other styles I have.

    Jzlyn- Don't you just love the color?! I would looovee a Jaune twiggy! I saw the one on the bay, just waiting for more pics to be authenticated! Enjoy your city!
  7. So sell it and use the $ to buy a Jaune city or twiggy!
  8. whether style or color, if you don't wear it, it's not worth it. sell it and fund a purchase u'd actually love AND use! =)
  9. Thanks so much for replying already, beauxgoris, jzlyn & bgyoshi!

    I'm sorry to keep harping on this :shame: but I hate losing money on a bag, which is another reason I'm wary of selling it! I know I'm just being unreasonable, ahhh! I hope I can find a twiggy!
  10. Im waiting for my day to arrive in the same colour but with SGH. I hope i dun have the same problem. But twiggy is a great style, try that.
  11. Ok if it's the style, here's a tidbit from me: I got a pre-loved Day last year, couldn't get into the style, and sold it.
    Fast forward to today: I have 5 Days and one on the way. Why? I missed the slouchyness and once I tried again, it felt just great taking a break from all the handheld bags and having both hands free.
    So IDK... perhaps wait and see, it's not that it would really decrease in value, so I'd give it some time to be sure.
  12. KEEP IT!!!:yes:
  13. Keep it. Atleast until August -- then my purseban is lifted! :smile:

    But seriously, if you're not using it, then let it go. And that's even if you lov the color. Then you'll have the funds to jump on the bag in the color you want.
  14. I say let it go. If it's not working for you, then the money could be put toward something else.
  15. you're not using it - so let it go :yes: use the money to buy jaune in a style you really want.