Letting go is hard....

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  1. I love bags since young so it's normal for me to want to collect lots of bags. I started small, Gucci and LV. Now that I am slowly growing up, I have been buying Chanel and Balenciaga. The problem now is, I never use my Gucci and LV anymore, save for my LV Neverfull (it's so big and practical:P). In fact, I have a few Chanel that I rarely use.

    I am thinking of selling these bags. But I find it so difficult to part with them! :cry: I know there is no point in keeping bags that I will never use and should sell them to fund future bag purchases (BBags rainbow, here I come!:graucho:) but on the other hand, I can't bear the thought of letting them go! I have this bad habit of thinking WHAT IF in the future I want to use them again? Indecisiveness!!!! :cursing:

    What would you do? Any advises? Thanks!
  2. KEEP THEM! I know exactly how you feel, but if you do let them go, you will regret it, trust me. I keep all of my bags, no matter what, and most of them have some piece of sentimental value attached to them. I even still have my purses from High School and College. I can't even think of letting them go. Sometimes I'll drag out an old bag just for a day or so to re-live some good memories that I shared with a particular purse, that's always fun.
  3. I have sold a lot of high-end bags over the past year, and while I miss a couple (pearlized blue Valentino Histoire, for example), most I don't miss. I recently sold my Chanel Jumbo Caviar Flap and I was fine with it. Why? I bought it more as a bag I "should" have instead of a bag I adore. I replaced it with a Chanel Kelly and this bag is more practical for me and my style and I get use out of it. My decision to sell usually comes from whether the bag has been faked and if I can see selling it in the future. I sold my Histoire because it is widely faked (and badly at that) and I didn't feel the style had any long-term staying power. Selling it when I did meant I got $1,200 instead of $300 now. I used the money to fund a PS1 instead. If I have paid a lot of money for a bag, I don't want to see cheap copy of it when I am out and about. I don't sell bags with sentimental value attached to them, though.
  4. Most times, I sell bags without regret. I forget about them the minute they're gone. The only regrets I have are my LV Mono Sac Triangle (vintage, orginal Triangle, not the new one) my LV Mono Speedy 35, and one of my mid-range designer bags, an original Botkier Trgger from their first season.

    So I say, sell the ones that don't have your heart. You won't miss them.
  5. How about this: if there are any bags in your collection that you simply do not like, sell them or send to consignment. For bags you do like but do not use, make an effort to use them sometimes, even if it is just for a small errand like picking up your dry cleaning or just running to Starbucks. At least you are using them a little bit. Also, if you have a sister or mother that are really into bags, you could give or loan those bags out to them - at least then you know they are getting some use and they are not too far away should you want to borrow it back for a while.
  6. I think you should allow someone else to give your old bags love and attention! If they're not being showcased then they just aren't doing their job! Let someone else treasure these bags... remember when you got the bags? The joy and excitment that goes along with it? You'll help create that for someone else.
  7. I have sold a few handbags and purchased a lot more:smile:

    The handbags I have sold were never used it was time to let them go and have another person enjoy them.
  8. Thanks for all the advices!!

    bABy Steffy: That's how I feel about my bags - let them go and I might regret it. I have actually packed one of my Chanel bag into the dust bag, placed it into the box with the cards and tags and then hesitation sets in!

    KittyKat65, LuvAllBags, Natty2Bratty, mzbag:
    It's great to hear about all of your thoughts and feelings after selling your bags. Selling them is really the most practical thing to do after all, no point letting them sit there and go to waste. If you ladies can do it, I guess so can I! :P

    Jane*Bond: I love your idea of giving my bags to my mom! At least I can get them back from her when I miss them....
  9. I do miss some of the bags that I've sold, however, if I won't use them, there is no need for me to keep them. But I mean if you have the extra cash and like you look at them you can always buy a glass case and put them in there until you get tired of them and actually wanna sell them, or keep them :smile:

    I am trying not to regret what I've sold because it's not right, for me to have bags just sitting when someone else could love them and I could use the money for a bag I would REALLY love and use.
  10. I've sold some and I'm fine with them gone but I've also sold some stunning bags (and given a few away) because I pressured myself by all the usual reasonable arguments "I don't use them" "someone else will get more out of them" "I bought them as bargains" "I need the space", I regret letting those go deeply.
  11. i have bags i never use but i can't bear to part with them either. i always think i will regret getting rid of a bag, and i fear that i'd end up paying more to get it back. also, i don't feel the need to sell any of my bags because i don't need the money for something else so it doesn't make sense to me to get rid of anything until i'm really ready to (which i don't see happening :P ).
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    I have bags in my collection I would never consider selling and then there are those that I don't have such an emotional attachment to that I would sell. I've sold many bags and I've never second guessed my decisions or had any regrets, but I've also spent a lot of time (maybe too much) contemplating those choices before I made them.

    My rule of thumb is if it sits in my closet unused for six months then I don't need it. That goes for bags (the ones with no attachment), shoes, accessories, and clothing. The only exception is jewelry, I have some family heirlooms that are worth quite a bit. Those pieces are not pieces you would wear every day just on special occasions. I wouldn't sell my family heirlooms just because they sat unused 6 months in my jewelry safe.

    To be honest I've had more regrets with the bags that got away than anything else. One example; when Chanel released the very limited edition Gold Bar clutch I went into the Chanel boutique to buy it, I held it, examined it, and then decided to walk away from it for a couple of days to be sure I wasn't making an impluse buy. When I returned it was gone and it was sold out at all other Chanel boutiques, that regret almost brought me to tears. To this day I've been searching for that clutch, it's my unicorn.
  13. Yes, I know letting go can be hard. I've never consigned anything before either but am planning to let two handbags go: LV Papillon and Burberry patent leather hobo handbag. I outgrew the papillon and never used the burberry as it was a gift from DH and I never had the heart to return it. It was not my style and has sat in my closet for years. I have these purses packed and ready to go but just can't seem to let them go yet; I guess it somehow depresses me to sell my things even though I don't use them and don't necessarily like them.
  14. I would sell those bags I no longer love or use. Handbag is all fashion. Their value deprecitaed by years. You could sell them with better value now to fund the new brands you love more now.
  15. I'm used to "letting go"....I've purged my wardrobe many times over the years, usually as a donation to Goodwill. Selling a bag is no different. No regrets other than not being able to remember if I got rid of something or not!