Letting an indoor cat outside?

  1. I have an indoor kitty that has been purely indoors for the past two years of its life (we took her in as a stray when she was 6 weeks old). She has a nice house to scurry around in, but sometimes I feel really bad keeping her cooped up inside. I've tried taking her outdoors to sniff the grass, but my kitty is really adventurous and can't be left on her own - you physically have to hold her down or she'll sprint off. On a couple of occasions, she'll run out when we open the front door and she'll make it to the end of the driveway in two seconds. She's the type that will run up to moving cars, so there's no way I'll let her roam freely. But is there anything I can do to let her enjoy the outdoors and grass? I tried strapping her with a harness and leash and she wiggled her way out in no time. She ignores plants inside the house; she only reacts to real grass. Is she just going to have to stay an indoor cat? (It doesn't help that there are tons of outdoor cats in my neighborhood and she whines constantly whenever she sees one outside.)
  2. I sometimes wonder if my cats wouldn't like to be outside too, but I don't think it's safe. The trade off is that they are healthy and protected inside. Outside, while they may enjoy themselves, they may come to harm.

    I've never tried this, but I've seen cat leashes and harnesses that you can use to "walk" your cat outside. Also, a couple of months ago there was a thread on tPF about carriers for small pets and there was some discussion of using an enclosed pet stroller to wheel your cat around outside.

    I think these are good solutions to the dilema of risking your cat's safety versus her desire to play outside.
  3. My cat Daisy was an indoor cat...we at first let her outside in a harness only, but the same thing happened, she would wiggle out of it. We would only do this when we were going to be outside with her though. Eventually we did let her out, and when called she'd come back in. Then my mom moved to Holland. She dissapeared once for over a week and finally made her way back. They moved into a new house and had a regular fence on one side and a live fence on the other, which she could get through. Long story short she eventually got ran over by a car. :sad: my poor baby.

    I have mixed feelings about it, she loved being outside, it was her favourite thing in then world, but it is also very dangerous. She was also at one point attacked by something and whatever it was left a gash across her face and pulled her back leg out of its socket, she was fine, but I really don't handle stuff like that well at all.

    Sorry this is a novel...Do you live in a busy area?
  4. Perhaps you could buy/make a cat enclosure and she could play outside for a few hours at a time? She could have her play toys in there, roll around on the grass if she wants to and you know she would be safe. That way she gets the best of both worlds. My husband built a huuuuuge cat enclosure for our two cats and they love to go out and play.
  5. Our kities are indoor cats too but we take them in the park when the weather is nice. My orange cat loves to walk on the leash. Sometime especially in the summer I take her for a walk around the neirbourhood just like a dog.
  6. Don't feel bad about keeping her inside, it's really the safest place for her to be. I agree with the other posts, try a harness and see how that goes.
  7. Yeah, I have already tried a harness and leash; she immediately puts her belly on the ground and then proceeds to wiggle out. My old house had a large backyard with a tall brick wall surround, so I could let her free for a bit and she would run around and chase the birds but not realize she could hop over the fence. My new house has a slat fence that she can easily run through so I don't have that luxury anymore. I might try some kind of cat enclosure though. I'll have to do more research on that. Thanks! :smile:
  8. If you do let her out make sure it's not until she gets her rabies shot.

    And make sure there's no chance she could get to a very busy road. (Maybe do the cat enclosure thing.)
  9. ^Ooh, those are perfect!! I think I might buy one of those. I'll have to convince the husband to spring for that Town and Country, I think our kitty would LOVE that!
  10. I have four indoor cats, I could not bear to let my babies out. I dont think the area where I live now is safe for them. Two of my babies hate the outside, the other two well one likes to sniff but gets scared and the other seems to be ok outside as we got him when he was 18months old so I think he might have been an outdoor cat in the past??

    I love the idea of having a garden enclosure for them, I just have never got round to it. Could your husband maybe build one that attaches to a window in the back of your house so they come in and out as they please?
  11. I could never let mine outside, neither. Cars, diseases, and crazy people out there... I always dream of building a sunroom/enclosure for my cats. We try to create an environment that they could have fun. But I think mine are happy just being lazy...

  12. You could also try a dog/cat stroller...I have one for my dogs and they LOVE going out in it!! Plus, they are safe :yes:
  13. ^^
    Like this?
  14. ^exactly!!! My pups have a slightly different model that looks more like an actual baby stroller, but they all get the job done!! LOL :smile: